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Sardine Varuval (Fried) With Potatoes

So, we started of previously with Spicy Sardine Sambal With Potatoes . Didn't we? Yes, we did, just as a reminder just in case you have forgotten. Never-mind, its okay, to forget things once a while, maybe you can refer to the recipe later. Today, we are back to can sardines. Varuval. Yet I think its just force of habit we must add potatoes. Isn't?  I won't deny though, then again its a known fact we love potatoes in pretty much any dish. So, without much ado, I think we will stop with our discussion and take a look at how to make Sardine Varuval With Potatoes. Just a couple of ingredients, a dish we can make in a jiffy. Go ahead and make, I'll catch up with you soon.

Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant - Subang Jaya

Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant. Stumbled upon while driving around within this row of shoplot across Subang Jaya Medical Centre and while at deciding where our dinner should be. Deciding thereafter we should give a go to this Japanese Restaurant which I think been existing for the longest time, I have in fact noticed Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant due to me working in Subang Jaya. Into Kin Ryu Tei Japanese Restaurant and? Speak about how sometimes customers are treated as though they are invisible and until they have to call for service despite not even half the tables being occupied. 10 minutes of wait at least, and from the menu offering all those Japanese set meals and ala-carte dishes you won't be deprived in many other like a fast food concept Japanese restaurants, we opted for what we wanted. Hot green tea and beer arrived within the next five minutes and? Back to waiting. Did we have a choice?