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Showing posts from February 7, 2010

Jentayu Spa - Damansara Heights

Tucked away, within the hush confines of Damansara Heights, is a little haven of tranquility. Jentayu Spa calls itself,  Kuala Lumpur’s little secret and with good reason. The spa is hidden away in a beautifully refurbished multi-level bungalow. The ambience is simple, charming and exudes all things Balinese – from the dark, teak floors to the soft, lilting tunes of traditional Balinese music playing in the background.

Chilli Soy Fish

A fishy day today. Hahahaha! Really a fishy day. Obviously because its a fish recipe today. A no-frill, humble and I believe one of the most loved Malaysian fish style. Must be spicy, salty and tangy until we want to feel the explosion of flavours on our mouth, throat and tongue right? Exactly! Then again, it is your food right to the number of birds eye chillies because these chillies, as small as they are, trust me, they can reap your tongue apart with their extreme spiciness. Other than that, all should be well and good for the rest of the ingredients. Fish deep fried, and the spicy, tangy and salty sauce. atop. Happy cooking love.