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Sambal Bilis Petai

Petai! I don't know about you, I so love stink beans and stink beans as far as I know, is like an acquired taste. You taste for the first time, you don't like it, but over time you may fall in love with it or you outrightly hate it. We Malaysians on the whole, or I shouldn't say all of us, maybe a good number, generally love petai. And petai, no doubt the smell can kill you once you piss after eating, in fact even for the next day too, yet, petai is one of the best nutritious beans. Basically, holding big bags of health benefits and petai, is really appreciated when cooked as a Malay dish,  In fact, that's how it should be for a fact. This Sambal Bilis Petai? Handed down from my mum's Malay friends and then, of course, mum to me.  Sambal Bilis Petai must be regarded as a semi-style cooking. Just a light cooking. Light frying of the pounded ingredients. Petai, bilis/anchovies, boiled eggs, chillies and shallots, and seasoned by lime juice and salt. A differe