Thursday, August 18, 2011

Chilly Honey Chicken With Sesame Seeds

This is a recipe cooked in Chinese style, available at most Chinese restaurants as well as at Chinese "Economy Rice" stalls. The chicken pieces are deep fried, then coated into a thick honey chilly sauce and topped with roasted sesame seeds. I gave a twist to the recipe by adding in the curry leaves  for the lovely fragrant and aromatic taste.  Pair it with white rice for an enjoyable meal.

Diesel Joggs: The Latest Crazy Denim Hybrid

Ellie Krupnick writes for The Huffington Post: First there were jeggings, now there are joggs.  MTV Style has introduced us to the new denim hybrid, which is sort of blowing our minds.  Diesel calls joggs "a unique fusion of design and groundbreaking new fabrics that combine the iconic style and durability of denim, with the relaxed attitude and comfort of jogging pants." We'll just call it like it is: they are denim sweatpants.
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