Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anja Rubik On Posing Nude…

Newly-engaged model Anja Rubik talked to Frockwriter about the Pirelli calendar and posing nude. She revealed that she turned down an offer to pose for the tire company's 2010 calendar, which was shot by arguably-pervy photographer Terry Richardson -- but she did strip down for this year's version put together by Karl Lagerfeld.
FW: Obviously there has been a lot of controversy over Terry Richardson's modus operandi of late.
AR: Yeah I know, but to be honest I know him, I've shot with him many times. And I think he's great. I never felt uncomfortable, I never thought he pushed me into anything. I think if a girl, like, leaves her green light that she's open to doing different things, he maybe pushes the boundaries. And if he knows how the girl is. Like I don't get all these allegations. I mean I worked with him over, I don't know, 15 times and I never felt awkward.....that I felt I had to do something.

FW: So why turn down a "dream" opportunity to do the Pirelli calendar just because he was shooting it?
AR: Only because I know he would push it a little bit more, in a way that would be very naked and I know that I wouldn't go there probably. So that's why it was stupid to accept the challenge because I thought I wouldn't be capable. And you it's going to come out, because he has a different kind of take of that, a little bit more on the edge of, you know, I don't want to say vulgar but on the very, very slight edge of it. There were supposed to be a lot of girls and he likes to shoot a lot of girls with girls and I just didn't think I'd feel comfortable, that's why.
FW: But there is so much nudity in fashion photography now, how did you manage to make it to this year's Pirelli calendar without having ever done any nude photography?
AR: Well I did do topless, but I had never done full-on nude. You say no, I guess. It's a very individual thing. I didn't feel comfortable, earlier, before. To be honest, I kind of felt very comfortable with my body and myself actually quite recently, like four or five years ago, I started to feel really good. I had a huge change when I cut my hair, I started feeling more and more feminine and more comfortable with my body and everything. And now just felt like the right time to do it. Always [if] they ask you and you feel comfortable, you say yes. I mean I did do nude ...[hard to hear] from the side, but I would always have strings and they would retouch them out.
Huffington Post said: “The woman does know what she's talking about—she posed (clothed) for Terry for Mango's fall/winter ad campaign, and it turned out well, overexposed lighting and all. So it's good to know she has a good (and beautiful) head on her shoulders.”

Coffee Ritual – Section 14, PJ

Looking for something to eat in Section 14 PJ is no easy feat. Some friends and I decided on Coffee Ritual since there was an available parking spot nearby. Initially I wasn't expecting much food on the menu since most coffee places serve a limited menu. To my surprise this place, had quite a substantial menu. It has crepes, gourmet sandwiches, soups, and Asian and Western dishes.
Since I had a hearty breakfast earlier, I opted for a simple Mushroom Soup. It was served with a warm bun and a slab of butter. Good to note that they used SCS butter. The mushroom soup wasn't the chunky variety and looked generic. However, it doesn't taste like it was from a can so it must be freshly made.
A friend ordered the Cajun Chicken with Baked Potato. She remarked that the meat was tender and flavourful. However, it could be spicier seeing it was supposedly cooked the Cajun way. The vegetables were slightly tasteless but the baked potato was soft and very hot. It went well the the leftover sauce.
Another friend ordered a Carrot Soup and a Black Pepper Chicken Foccacia. She mentioned that the soup was decent but nothing to shout about while the sandwich was tasty and had a lot of vegetables which she liked. Surprisingly none of us sample any coffee because the service was unbelievably slow. If you are hungry, be prepared to wait for your food.

35 Jalan 14/20,
46100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 012-2960251 / 012- 2019935
Opens Mon-Sat 10am-11pm & weekends/public holidays 9am-10pm.
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