Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lotus Restaurant (PJ State)

Its a norm for us to have supper after nightlife or clubbing. Somehow, the hunger pangs seems so alive after partying.  Since we were at PJ State and Lotus Restaurant was just across where we were, we headed here. 

Even before being seated, we all wanted nasi lemak so badly.  While placing our order of 1 nasi lemak chicken, 2 nasi lemak mutton, 2 teh tarik and one ice water, I was also looking at what else were they serving at this time.  Well, a variety of Indian dishes from veges and curries.

Once the nasi lemak were served, we were all busy tucking-in.  Don't know whether it was my hunger, but surely tasted good.
It was also nice to serve the meat/curries separately for this does not make it messy to have nasi lemak and topping up  the meat as and when needed.  The hot teh tarik was good to go with the nasi lemak. After eating, I was feeling very guilty because once you get back home, off you are to bed with a heavy load of food inside your tummy.   Well, extra time will be spend on the treadmill tomorrow.

All in, we paid about RM25.00 for our supper here.  If you have the same need as us, that is wanting to have nasi lemak for supper, head on:
4288, Jalan Yong Shook Lin
Petaling Jaya
(formerly the PJ State Cinema)
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