Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rasam With Crab Legs

How about we for the time being put aside the humble Rasam aside to consider Rasam Crab Legs? No, no, don't panic. I am not saying we should completely forget the plain simple rasam, but add some cracked-up crab legs into rasam. Indeed, absolutely, another rasam version, nicely elevated with the legs for packing additional benefits, well, again, to flush out mucus and to sneeze out whatever that's got into our throat and body. Rasam crab legs I vouch is equally sensational, in fact, more sensational albeit there's more work to a traditional rasaam. Oh-yes, you got pound or grind, this rasam can be drunk as a delicious herbal concoction or do as we do. Team rasam alongside rice, perhaps also a raw salad or you know what, rasam is perfection for literally every other dish.
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