Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Aloo Gobi

On my goodness gracious Aloo Gobi! Even a five year old kid in India will not only proudly speak about aloo gobi, but he, she or it can even teach you how to make it. That a popular dish, its the dish Indian bloggers blog and blog million times to conquer the number one spot in the blogging world. Yet, for us Malaysians, okay-lah, boleh-lah, its just a dish made with the two key ingredients of potato and cauliflower. That's it. The rest depends on what else you like to add, basically spices more than anything else, to proudly show off as the best bet Aloo Gobi among the zillions of recipes in the social media world as well. Of course, obviously, its a vegetarian dish (Rasam, Yam Basket and Vegetarian Mutton Curry) that goes well with rice, chappati, tosai and idli, ladies and gentlemen, I on the other hand, am sticking true and thin to my Malaysian aloo gobi.

Octopus Sushi & Thai - Wangsa Maju

I was in the area to do some banking and was craving for some Japanese food. Initially I thought of dropping by Cold Storage in the mall to pack a few pieces and leave. Then, I saw this place. I assumed it was a fusion of Japanese and Thai flavours so I ditched the Cold Storage idea and went in. To my disappointment it wasn't the case, each cuisine is served separately with no fusion whatsoever. Since I was there, I sat near the conveyor belt and began picking off some plates of sushi. 
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