Saturday, February 20, 2010

Zen Soul Spa - Sri Hartamas

While I was in the Hartamas area yesterday, I happened to catch the words “Zen Soul”on a sign, above an incongruous stairway. Curious, I decided to check it out and was pleasantly surprised.

Crab Curry - My Indian Malaysian Style

Alright foodies. Lemme start off, please, will you, for once, let me assume. Thank you. Let me assume that many of us will drool-roll for a fan-fab spicy, knocking socking us off crab curry. I sincerely reckon, unless you are a vegetarian, I shall not convince you. For the rest of us, this Nava K's version of crab curry, made with  spices, tomato, curry leaves and the rest of the ingredients as listed below, of course, obviously we need crab, oh please, stop asking me will you, I bet is a dang for millions of times. I speak no further. I shouldn't anyway because all I can say is that you should grab this recipe. Make this Crab Curry of mine for finger tucking in, alongside rice drenched with Rasam or even without rasam (Mutton Parathal), it will take you to heaven instantly. 
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