Friday, September 9, 2011

Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod Fish

We did speak about steaming previously? Yes, we did (Steamed White Pompret). So, what else potentially should I say? I guess pretty much nothing much. Shall we then get down to the matter of this Hong Kong Style Steamed Cod Fish (Tuna Cutlets)? Fish is, of course  healthy and steaming is another extra doze of healthiness. This Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish is down to its basic (Fish Sambar, Grilled Fish, Assam Fish Curry & Chilli Soy Fish). Minimal ingredients yet will trend delightfully into your mouth. Oh, forget not, can you get ready a plate of rice?   

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tuna Cutlets

Tuna Cutlets and these are the fried ones? Doesn't it sound cracking crunchy and munchy? Alright, alright. I hear you. Fried food is not the best food (Malaysian Fried Mee & Valakkai Chips), I know. Then again, like I always tell you, nothing will hurt our healthiness, shape and size if its a once a while food tucking? Of course not. Believe me. After all, we can't be over health conscious right? No, we shouldn't because even those who watch their diet like a hawk (Fried Kembung Assam Sauce), sometimes kick the bucket earlier than all of us? So, instead of further debating on frying (Chinese Prawn Fritters, Fried Shrimp Wantons, Fried Lotus Root & Fried Crab Sticks), lets just right now get down to making these fried tuna cutlets. Canned tuna, potato, spices, curry leaves and the rest of the ingredients listed below all tossed, turned, stirred and shaped up shapely or unshapely, prior to into oil frying. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pineapple Salted Fish Curry

Salted Fish? Oh yes please. Do not doubt our humble dried under our blistering hot sun salted fish. My all time favourite. I just so am into the love of salted fish (Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry & Salted Egg Chicken). And salted fish, of course, can be simply fried and eaten alongside rice as a condiment. Heaven calling for me especially, but there is such a thing as salted fish into other dishes. Salted in curry, can you imagine the burst of saltiness and spiciness and tanginess? Mouth watering right? Indeed. This Pineapple Salted Fish curry, trust me is triple doze of the same tastes (Salted Fish Mango Sambal, Pada Salt Fish Pickle & Salted Fish Pickle). A revelation of packing your mouth completely Malaysian pow-wow tastiness.    

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vegetarian Fish and Potatoes Sambal (Sauce)

Seldom is the call for mock fish. In fact, I'm not sure why I ended up buying this vegetarian fish. Most vegetarian mock meat is basically about artificial colouring and flavoring, except the vegetarian mushroom stalk mutton (Vegetarian Mutton Rendang). I know. I guess slip of the mind is not the fault of nava-k. Instead of throwing, well, I thought I might as well cook. I'm sure there are takers for this vegetarian fish and potato sambal (Aloo GobiMee Rojak Vegetarian, Corn Soup Indian Style, Cumin Rice, Indian Vegetable Curry & Yam Basket Vegetarian). So, I made it. Of course delicious if you are asking me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dragon Fruit and Coconut Jelly

Dessert time everyone. Back to a Malaysian dessert of course, back to one with agar-agar and coconut milk and obviously, dragon fruit. Only god knows why and what not, dragon fruit seemingly is the desirable fruit of these days. Never heard of it when I was younger, but now, dragon fruit is a big plantation business for customers purchasing power. Two types. The red flesh and white flesh dragon fruit. Nevertheless, unless you cut open up the fruit, you won't know which is which,  and unless its labelled. Otherwise, you will end up like a blind bat like me. Supposedly I'm suppose to buy the red, ending up I bought the white. Duh! Still, when you are like ready, steady and go for making a dessert with it (Pandan Milk Jelly), the show must go on right? Sure. So, here it is. Dragon Fruit Coconut Jelly. Enjoy everyone while I catch up on my nap.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nyonya Assam Fish Curry

So, another blog entry for Assam Curry? Sure! Remember my previous Assam Curry Fish? If you can't remember, perhaps, you would like to do the flipping back to the recipe prior to digesting this another Assam Fish Curry? And this Nyonya Assam Fish curry mind you, is a popular take amongst us Malaysians (Nyonya Fish Sambal & Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed). Assam basically means sourness and don't we Malaysians love sour notes (Kembung Assam Sauce, Chilli Soy Fish, Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry & Penang Assam Laksa)? I do. Honestly, I do. A fusion between Chinese and Malay ingredients, spices and local herbs, Nyonya assam fish curry is just so mind blowing. Terrific bold spicy tastes, aromatic and of course tanginess. Come follow me, let's learn how to make Nyonya Assam Fish Curry (Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Pompret Soy Sauce & Stingray Spicy Sauce). 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sesame Chicken

Back and forth, to and fro. What else is new for cooking, you tell me please? Either we repeat the same dishes over and over again, or we put, even a tiny bit of effort for a different dish. Right. Undeniably. So, the question now is, what's in store for you today? Obviously, Sesame Chicken. Absolutely. Food of Chinese lingo (Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken, Salted Egg Chicken & Chinese Fried Rice), of course Chinese style cooking (Steamed Whit Pompret). What is the role of sesame seeds for this recipe? Basically, after all that you have done, done with cooking, sesame is then sprinkled atop the fried chicken tipped into a sweet (Honey Chilli Chicken), spicy (Indian Chicken Curry, Chicken Devil Curry, Cashew Masala Chicken & Butter Chicken) and that bit salty sauce. Can I go now please? Thank you.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mee Siam

Cooking is definitely a food and hunger pleasure. But trust me, what to cook for the day is most challenging. Especially for those of you who cook daily. I know. Tell me about it? I suppose the onus is on the person who take the trouble to cook? Indeed. Thank god, for us, it may not necessarily be rice daily though appreciated. Sometimes, every now and then, I do detour to a noodle dish (Mee Rojak Vegetarian, Laksam Noodle, Hokkien Mee, Fried Mee & Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon). Potentially faster and in a jiffy and without compromising on the key essentials to a filling, wholesome and nutritious meal. This Mee Siam I reckon will be utterly satisfying for tummy anytime of the day. Mee hoon fried with dried prawns, Chinese cabbage, egg, tofu and chillies. 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Steamed White Pomfret (Bawal Putih)

You must agree with me. I insist you agree. Wouldn't you agree steaming is healthier compared to frying?. Of course. Steaming is also simple. Add all the ingredients, steam and dish is ready. However, remember that steamed food must be eaten immediately. Otherwise, it will become mushy and bleh-bleh. Today, I'm going to share with you on how to make this steamed white pompret. Indeed a Chinese style cooking (Fried Shrimp Wanton & Chinese Prawn Fritters)  and white pompret definitely is the better half of black pompret for steaming. White pompret suited for also frying whereas set aside  black pompret for curries, sambal dishes and right, you can fry as well . This ladies and gentlemen is my style to this Steamed White Pompret (Grilled Salmon, Assam Fish Curry, Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Nyonya Fish Sambal, Bengali Fish Curry, Fish Sambar, Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed & Stingray Spicy Sauce).

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nasi Lemak

The ever loved, the ever popular and the ever sensational, nasi lemak is also a good time for anytime meal. We Malaysians simply adore Nasi Lemak. Tell me, where not we have not tasted nasi lemak? From road-side stalls, from hawkers stalls in coffee shops, from restaurants and from hotels. Basically, nasi lemak is everywhere we turn to. So, I made as well. My version of course. Rice (Nasi Dagang, Ghee Rice, Tomato RiceCumin Rice, Belacan Fried Rice Kampung Fried Rice) cooked with coconut milk, pandan juice, cloves and salt. Condiments for nasi lemak varies. Essentially should be sambal/chilli gravy, boiled/fried eggs, fried anchovies/ikan bilis, fried peanuts and cucumber slices etc etc.Topped up with chilli flakes as in this recipe and for the sambal, here's to Sambal Sotong

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sambal Sotong

Don't we Malaysians love our sambal? Of course. Undeniably. I don't know about you, I on the other hand am an avid fan of sambal. Basically I so love sambal, which is, as I have already told you before (Stingray Spicy Sauce), chilli base. Various types of sambal, potentially though the must use ingredients are chillies, dried or fresh, shallots or onion and the rest, well, any other as per your choice or preference (Grilled Fish Sambal StuffedSambal, Sambal Udang & Sambal Petai Dried Shrimp). Enough said don't you think so? Right. Kaffir lime/limau purut leaves and lemongrass scented and tender sotong/squid in a spicy gravy. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fish Sambar (Meen Sambar)

You actually think its a weird combination? Fish in Sambar? No. Of course not. Certainly not. Just because you have not made it before or you have not tasted before (Pumpkin Salted Fish Curry, Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry & Salted Fish Mango Sambal), please do not shot down other peoples food pride. If egg in rasam is acceptable (Egg Rasam) why can't fish in sambar? Listen, unless you are one of those who prefer to stick to familiarity and you are not food adventurous, I don't see why you wouldn't try this Fish Sambar. Trust me, I know what I am talking about. I made this fish sambar and we had a ball of a time tucking in alongside rice. Its by the way my invention. I really wanted to cook something different and at the moment of time staring at the ingredients, particular at dhal/lentil (Mutton Dhal Curry, Sambar & Tanni Saar) and Indian Mackerel/Tenggiri (Malaysian Indian Fish Curry & Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry), I basically did it. Fried tumeric mixed fish tipped into dhal and brinjal gravy. Would you try? 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stingray Spicy Sauce

Back again bouncing back to stingray/ikan pari. Remember, call you recall my previous recipe Ikan Pari/Stingray Sambal? Yes? No. no. Not again the same recipe again please. Another style, yet, crucially, any Malaysian dish for the matter must be, potentially, spicy sauce based or call it sambal (Sambal Udang/PrawnBelacan Fish Sambal, Nyonya Fish Sambal & Grilled Fish Sambal Stuffed). Of course obviously then, chilli is the main highlight for sambal, always and forever (Chilli Soy Fish, Fried Kembung Assam Sauce & Grilled Fish In Banana Leaf), this Stingray Spicy Sauce too basically showcases spiciness, additionally the combination of our local herbs makes its tastes even more interesting. Oh, don't forget pairing Stingray Spicy Sauce alongside lime or lemon wedges for that tinge of tanginess (Pompret/Bawal Hitam Soy Sauce & Grilled Salmon). Enjoy everyone!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rice Vadai (Fritters)

There will never be an end to my rice story. Rice is the one I must have everyday regardless where I am and what I do. I bet maybe I can include you as well ah? Where are you Malaysians? Rice is your favorite right? Of course, so to speak on your behalf (Ghee Rice & Nasi Dagang). Vadai out of cooked rice? How to make these crispy on the outside and soft bite inside rice vadai? Please read on followers of "cook with nava-k". Take care.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mee Rojak (Vegetarian)

Vegetarians, this Mee Rojak Vegetarian is from me to you. In fact, even non-vegetarians I bet will love this Mee Rojak. Not a big deal anyway. If you still insist on meat eating, add some cooked shredded chicken, pork, beef or whatever you are gamed for (Laksam Kelantan). But by far, nevertheless, Mee Rojak is 100% purely and totally a vegetarian noodle dish (Corn Soup & Curry Mee Vegetarian). Pictures of Mee Rojak obviously as you have already noted is? But I can assure you that recipe is as good as Nava K. Okay? Okay. What's mee rojak then? Gravy made from potato, peanuts and vegetable stock, tipped over yellow noodles and boiled egg, taugeh, tofu pok and mint leaves assembled.  

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