Friday, April 2, 2010

Noodle Station, Mid Valley Megamall

Located a floor below the cinema and the same level as Reject Shop in Mid Valley Megamall, Noodle Station is well, a place for noodle lovers. If you are looking for a quick meal that’s not located at the food court, this place is an alternative.
Simple dishes with various accompaniment is available. The price ranges between RM5 to RM15 (usually with dishes that come with abalone). So if you order the regular-priced bowl of noodles, you would probably spend less than if you would at say, Carl’s Jr.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Grand Imperial Restaurant - USJ 19 Digital Mall ( Subang Jaya)

Our food venturing. The three of us who decided we want it out from our office and away from the rest of the colleagues for our private moment of catching up with each and of course, we Malaysians, food must be the centrality for whatever we do. Off to Grand Imperial Restaurant. At the suggestion of our Chinese colleague who have been a regular in Grand Imperial Restaurant and she too entrusted with ordering while we nibbled the plump and juicy boiled peanuts once we took our seats amongst the other customers who were slowly streaming in as early as 11.30am.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

d’italiane kitchen, Sunway Giza

As glaringly evident in its name, the restaurant serves Italian cuisine. This is the second outlet, the first being in Jaya 33. The interior is rather unpretentious, with clean sleek contemporary lines outlining the restaurant.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Indian Mutton Meatball Soup

Mutton meatballs in soup. Quite a nice food thing actually. The soupy version to a mutton dish for a change (Mutton Parathal)? But not the kinda just a plain soup as an appetizer or starter before your main course. Instead, its a hearty and tummy filling soup. In fact, a one pot dish. Vegetables and meat in soup obviously. Ample enough by itself or for dipping toast while slurping in. We Indians on the other hand treat our soups as a main dish. Even this Indian Mutton Meatball Soup is poured over our rice (Indian Crab Soup) before? Our fingers are most of the time our fork and spoon to food tucking in and if your concern is, what if mutton meatball is going to have a strong mutton smell, fear not what not. Mutton meatballs mixed with ginger juice and dried rosemary I vouch will get rid of the smell. Indian Mutton Meatball Soup. Our Indian style soup delight. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kampung Fried Rice/Nasi Goreng Kampung

Kampung Fried Rice. Nasi Goreng Kampung. From the land of Malaysia and from my kitchen village style fried rice. In fact, an authentic style and if you are asking me, I am not wrong in saying that the key ingredient is ikan bilis/anchovies. We Malaysians, especially this Malaysian woman, she just can't leave anchovies alone. Saltiness I think should have been my middle name. Jokes aside, the how to Kampung Fried Rice? An uncomplicated cooking matter. Leftover cooked white rice fried alongside ingredients as listed below. Of course, my style to my Kampung Fried Rice which I know will be your one complete wholesome, delightful meal. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Fried Kembung (Mackerel) With Assam Sauce

Fried Kembung (Mackerel) With Assam Sauce. For a matter of fact, nothing much is expected in terms of cooking or making, and the type of fish? Boiled kembung. Boiled kembung? You should know if you are a Malaysian? Unless you don't eat fish. Boiled kembung, aka, mackerel according to google translation, basically is kembung boiled in salt you can buy in wet market. As well as in hypermarkets. Now, to the recipe. Frying of kembung (Chilli Soy Fish) after rinsing. Just a light rinse. Otherwise, fish will break up and make sure you pat dry to prevent oil from massively splattering or close with a lid while frying. Done. The curious case to fish frying over and done. Thereafter or while fish is being fried, we shall make the raw dip. Chop or slice ginger, onion, birds eye chillies or red chillies and kaffir lime leaves, and season with salt and palm sugar. Mix all the ingredients together. Fried Kembung (Mackerel) With Assam Sauce. Really appetizing, fish simplicity in the simplest form and an undisputed Malaysian fish hero dish. Oh, you must also try Fried Kembung (Mackerel) With Assam Sauce alongside Rasam. Try and you will know what I mean. 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Unwind at Chakras Aromatherapy Centre

About two weeks ago, I was at Jentayu Spa (Zen Soul Spa). And now to another known as Chakras. Easily dwarfed by the high-rise buildings in Jalan Gelenggang, Damansara Heights. But it stands tall in offering a welcoming respite for the weary body and soul. It is one of the houses that’s behind and adjacent Menara John Hancock. You can turn into Jalan Semantan (Menara John Hancock would then be on your left) and follow the road. Turn left at the junction and it is one of the houses on the right. Look for number 13. It is also on the same row as the Shell petrol station.

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