Nava K

Navaneetham Krishnan or Nava Krishnan, or the easiest simplified manner of addressing her, Ms. Nava. Her career background and where is she today?  From a Secretary to a Personnel and Admin Officer, and later the switch to the education industry as a Lecturer. The long years in the education industry landing her the designation as a Senior Lecturer, and she, along the years, belting a string of knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA), plus capabilities and experiences, let alone ample credentials and qualifications. Taking a break from being employed on a full time basis in the corporate world, she however didn’t totally cut of the ties from the education industry.

Being a seasonal lecturer from thereon, she also made a complete turnaround by switching to the health and wellness industry. Specifically in the field of yoga, which pretty much, is related to the teaching industry too. Simultaneously, acquiring the related and co-related credentials in yoga. Whist in the midst of obtaining her Masters in Yoga and in the pipeline as well, PhD in Yoga, Ms. Nava is the happy hormones and therapy, the laughter hormones and therapy, furthermore, the rejuvenating, revitalizing, and the calmness, peace, love and harmony Yoga Instructor. Her area of yoga expertise? Anti-Aging Yoga, Gentle Flow Yoga, Easy Yin Yoga, Yoga Wellness and Corporate Yoga. Oh, she is still at her hobbies of blogging, social media sharing, including YouTube and her other two hobbies, cooking and gardening.


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