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Navaneetham Krishnan, or Nava Krishnan or to simplify or the easy uncomplicated manner of addressing her? Nava K. Nava K. Who is she? What is her background and what is her current mission and vision in life. Nava K. Started off her career as a secretary. Thereafter, personal and admin officer. Later, her lecturing career in the education industry and over the years, Senior Lecturer in Inti International College Subang Jaya. All in all, in total, Nava K has belted almost, approximately, 26 years of wide, vast and in-depth experiences in the education industry. Lecturing in various programs, triggered off with secretarial studies, simultaneously in various diploma programs, including, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Association of Business Executive (ABE) and Institute of Administrative Management (IAM). 

In year 2002, she joined Metropolitan College Subang Jaya to lecture in Curtin University Australia, degree program. Followed by, in Inti International College, lecturing in University of Wollongong Australia, degree program. The subjects she has put her stronghold footprints and handprints? Management and Marketing related and co-related subjects.  

Taking a break from her career in year 2014, in year 2019, she embarked on a new path or a new calling. Yoga. Yoga. Specifically hatha yoga. Altogether, indeed, without a doubt, as if the calling has been waiting for her. Basically and obviously, a new direction by itself and on the whole. Having been a yoga student from there on, and practicing Hatha yoga on her own as well, she is now on the verge of obtaining her credentials in yoga. Whist also, lecturing on part-time basis as and when time permits. Of course, this blogging platform? My hobby. Furthermore, a platform where I pin my thoughts on my lifestyle. Such a meaningful thing for distressing and sharing my recipes, my travelling stories, beauty products I have tested and tried, and what not, so on and so forth. 

For her  credentials and qualifications, here we go and apart from she can be connected or contacted via –
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Year    School/Institute/University                         Achievement
2020    Malaysian Association of Yoga                     International Yoga Instructor/
            Instructors (MAYI)                                        Certified Yoga Instructor 

2019    Certificate in Yoga                                         Malaysian Indian Transformation
                                                                                   Unit (Mitra) – pursuing

2019    Diploma in Yoga                                            Malaysia Pranava Yoga – pursuing

2019    Masters in Yoga                                             Tamil Nadu Pranava Yoga Therapy
                                                                                    And Research Academy – pursuing

2019    PhD in Yoga                                                   To be advised – pursuing

2019    Malaysian Institute of Management               Certified Professional Coach
2007    Asia Pacific Marketing Federation                 Certified Professional
                                                                                    Marketer (CPM)

2006    Australian College of Applied                         Bachelor of Applied Social Science
            Psychology                                                     (Counseling)                                                                                        

2000    Charles Sturt University, Australia                 Masters of Business Administration  
                                                                                    (General Management)

1996    Malaysian Institute of Management               Diploma (Management)         

1981    Senior Methodist Girls’ School, K. L.            Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

Other Credentials
2010    Taylor’s School Of Hospitality, Tourism,       International Certification in
            And Culinary Arts - Malaysia                         Patisserie

2010    Taylor’s Centre for Continuing                       International Certification In
            Professional Education                                   Bread Making
2008    Southern Cross University                              Advance Standing (DBA)
                                                                                    Qualitative Research Methods
                                                                                    Quantitative Research Methods

2000    Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan          Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia
            Malaysia (MLVK)                                          Jurusolek – Tahap Satu

1998    International Therapy Examination                Certificate
            Council, England (ITEC)                                Beauty Therapist        

1998    Issamay School Of Beauty                             Diploma In Beauty Therapist
COMMENDATION AWARD – Curtin University Australia
Managing Change 300
Marketing – Professional Practice 300
Organisational Behaviour 200
Human Resource Management 200

Customer Service Interaction Skills
Providing Best Customer Service
Marking Exam Papers
Offshore Staff Induction Onshore Program(Curtin)             
Research Symposium
Problem Based Learning
Action Research
Sharpening Your Accounting Skills
Swift let Farm Designing and Management
Qualitative/Quantitative Research Methods
The Basic – SPSS for Windows
Creative Accounting
Creative Arts Therapy
SPSS in Education Research – Part 1 & 2
Bursa Malaysia – Updates on Listing Requirements
Hypnotherapy Workshop
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
MSC Malaysia Capability - Development Quality Week                                          
APEC IT/HRD                                                                                                          
Think, Learn & Create Mind  Mapping
Waking Up To Homebrew Java
SME-Entrepreneurship Global Conference
Practical Guide to FRS 136    - Impairment of Assets
Bengkel Usahawan Penggerak Wawasan
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 1T/HRD
Entrepreneur Development – The Insider’s Guide to Opening Retail Business
How to Be a Franchisee/How to Be a Franchisor
Teacher Development – Effective Classroom Management & Communication       
Teacher Development – The Psychology of Learning & Motivation
Series for SMEs - Increasing Productivity & Reduce Cost
Series for SMEs –Reviving the SME Industry through ICT Systems
PhD Research Proposal                                                                      
Meningkatkan Kemahiran Kauseling Untuk Sukarelawan
Dining Etiquette & Industrial Training

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