Nava K Consulting

Our Life. Our Choices. 

Nava K Consulting. The birth and brainchild of Nava K. Nava K! She has it. Her credentials are value added and her previous wide scope career paths are also louder than words can be expressed. Starting off her career at the bottom of the management pyramid as an Administrative Assistant, prior to moving forward as a Personnel Officer and followed by her years as a Senior Lecturer in the education industry. Her expertise, capabilities, abilities and skills definitely has contributed to her forte as a specialist in the areas of Entrepreneurship & Small Business.

Moreover, over the years, Nava K has sharpened and belted the relevancy to personal development. Obviously, due to backed up by her other qualifications, knowledge and learning curve. Oh, let alone Nava K and her hobby of life style pitching on her blog, Nava K! You can, you shall and for a matter of fact, must put your trust in her as a “Life Coach” (Business & Personal) and she is currently embarking on being certified as a “Certified Professional Coach”.

CPC (pursuing), CPM(AMF), B.Sc(Counselling), MBA(Mgmt), Dip(Mgmt), Int.Cert(Culinary Arts), MLVK(Make Up), ITEC(Beauty Specialist) & Dip(Beauty Therapist).

Nava K Consulting
To guide and inspire clients towards continuous improvement for as long and forever.

Our mission
Developing potentials inherent of clients

Our values
Trust. Honestly. Respect and Integrity.
To each and every one and the social as a whole.

Otherwise, it will defeats the purpose of why we exist as a consultancy service provider.

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