Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Challengers Faced By Late 50s Indian Woman Entrepreneur - Ms.Nava (Part 2)

Fundamentally, I was prepared. Nonetheless, I realize that the entrepreneurial learning curve will only begin when you are in the system. For a fact, the learning curve will throw big balls of challengers. If not regularly, at least, every now and then. Ah! Can be rough and tough, and frankly speaking (Challengers Part 1), as I move forward as an Indian woman entrepreneur in my late 50s, the challengers are questioning my capabilities and abilities. 

Of course, competition is a certainty to challenge. Perhaps, not as in comparing what others in the same industry are doing. But, you need to be alert in what they are up to. Are they offering the same? Nava's Zen without a doubt, has been set apart from the rest. Catering for the niche market, in our nature inspired Zen. Even so, are we good enough in capturing our target market, or should we reinvent our wheels? What about pricing? Should we lower our price because other players are offering lower or should we remain status quo? Indeed, the time matter and money matters, for staying ahead of your competitors, and brand building. The reality behind and in front of, being a solopreneur as well. 

Social Harassment
Digital marketing and social harassments. As if, the expected or unexpected. Of course, I am out there on social media platforms for my personal branding and business branding as well. Otherwise, I better close shop. But this open shop to social sites is the harassments. Must be my age and race I reckon. The culture shock to the males and females, mainly Malaysian Indians. Seeing this 58 year old liberal Indian woman, promoting her business by dancing in yoga outfits. In return, receiving cheeky, ugly and sleazy direct messages and comments. The men, perceiving me as????? Reaching out to me, by asking all sorts of ugly questions and some, giving the hints, as if they want to be tangled in my loop or or testing my womanhood. Duh! The disgusting, hard to swallow social harassments. What should I do? Ignore, or avoid digital marketing, or accepting that there are crazy people in the society?  

By far, age is not a major challenge. However, one of those things I can't deny is that, as age is catching on me, energy is slowing down, and my biological clock which has stopped ticking 18 years ago, does sock me up and down. Palpitation, anxiety attack and nervousness. Of course, I can counter these by my mindset, still, the biological aging is something I can't stop.  

Managing The Husband 
Oh-dear. Speaking about managing the husband by itself is challenging. Hahaha!! Neither would I like to lie. Maybe, I should conveniently blame it on the Indian social cultural upbringing? Whereby, Indian man are glorified? They are superior, they are better and they must be served? Beats me how am I going beat this Indian social norm, as I continue being the all-rounder in managing my home affairs. Let alone, in my case, my hub is comfortable in his retired zone, and myself on the other side, still the go-getter in my late 50s. Honest to goodness, managing the husband is not a smooth rider.    

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