Sunday, April 9, 2023

Challengers Faced By Late 50s Indian Woman Entrepreneur - Ms.Nava (Part 1)

Truth be told, sometimes I feel I should have been contented as a full-time wife and mother after leaving my job as a Senior Lecturer (Unveiling The Pull Factor) And for the first three years, I actually was content. It felt like a major relief to bid goodbye to the years of slogging at my career while managing home affairs and enduring peak hour commutes. However, three years later, my soul was torn apart as I yearned to return as an alpha female constantly reinventing myself. Thus began my late 50s social entrepreneurship journey, reinventing myself, upgrading my knowledge, and venturing into the health and wellness business with Nava's Zen.


Initially, finances seemed sunny with my husband contributing 60% and the remaining 40% coming from inherited family property. It was a good start for Nava's Zen. However, one year down the road, the business faced financial challenges and required funds for growth. Meanwhile, my husband prioritized safeguarding his money for ongoing retirement sustainability. I respect his choice, as he continues to cover our cost of living, but it necessitated careful consideration of financial options. Short-term or long-term bank loans, borrowing from friends or family, or seeking business angels or venture capitalists were all weighed. Ultimately, touching my provident fund seemed like the most logical and practical choice, despite the associated risks.

Family & Friends Support

Nearly a year into Nava's Zen, I couldn't help but wonder where my family and friends were. Even my so-called close friends showed no interest in joining our complimentary fitness sessions, nor did they respond when mentioned. This experience taught me the importance of relying on my own strength and determination to forge ahead.

Pressure To Traditional Gender Roles

As an Indian woman entrepreneur, I faced the pressure of conforming to traditional gender roles. Housework, once conveniently handed over after marriage, still circled around me, making it difficult to escape. Additionally, I felt the responsibility of holding the marriage fort together, adding to the frustrations on some days.

Mental Strength

While I am generally positive and resilient, this entrepreneurial journey presents a different challenge. It constantly tests my mental strength with questions about how, what, who, and why. The constant use of brainpower sometimes leaves me concerned if I am overusing my mind. However, my practice of teaching yoga and breathwork/pranayama has been a tremendous support, helping me bounce back and curbing self-pity without expecting sympathy. Nevertheless, being on this entrepreneurial journey keeps my mind engaged as I constantly search for answers to unanswered questions.

Part 2 coming up...


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