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Ms. Nava's Late 50s Social Entrepreneurship Journey - The Pull Factors

I'm assuming, I know, assumption is mother of major........? Then again, in such instances, I still will go ahead and assume that, you must have read about my push factors (Ms.Nava's Push Factors)? Please do me a favor, if you have not. Please do. Otherwise, you probably won't be able to put the whole picture together, by considering my pull factors, to why I took the steps in becoming a social woman entrepreneur. Pull factors, precisely today's subject matter. Pull factors are basically the other compartment of entrepreneurship topic, like push factors. Another sizzling topic, which has been researched and presented at academic forums and in academic journals. Likewise, an on-going topic till this day. If not by itself, at least, least to least, in the literature review section. 

Pull factors are also the positive reasons for pulling entrepreneurs towards his or her entrepreneurial journey. Simply said, pull factors are intrinsic motivation, whereas push factors are extrinsic motivation. Pull factors can also be categorized between - the need for achievement, the need for freedom, the desire for challenging lifestyle and financing success, to quote some. Alright, right now, let's get - up, close and personal to Ms.Nava's pull factors.

Occupying Myself 
For the longest time, as far as I know myself better, I have never been an idle person. Occupying my mindset to the fullest, between balancing my career, my household affairs, blogging and also, till this day, I am an avid gardener. However, over the years, I wanted something more and the more, eventually drove me towards my social entrepreneurial journey, as the fulfillment to my soul. 

Breaking Age Bias 
Age bias. You actually think age bias does not exist? Oh-please, it does. Look around and see how the older generation are looked upon at. Assumingly, we are the gonna generation, we are boring and the unmotivated lot. The fact is, to quote myself, I am not and I believe others in my age group are not as well. However, how many percent of those in their late fitness dare to risk it to the entrepreneurial journey, compared to those who prefer to take up social service as their aging mechanism? Of course, without a doubt, the percentage to being an entrepreneur is growing, yet, somewhat at a slower phase. 

My entrepreneurial journey, within the context of ageism, is to spread the message that late fifties should not deter you from becoming an entrepreneur. Basically, I badly want to break the monotony of the social cultural ageism, for encouraging the older generation to tap their entrepreneurial path.  

Gender bias 
It is my believe that, gender bias has slowly diminish from our perception. Yet, when it comes to an older Indian woman like me, society decides. What she should be, at her older age. In my personal opinion, considering my surrounding and my experience, gender bias amongst the Indians still exist. Blame it on Indian women themselves, who are stuck in their thinking that, Indian women should be contented to aging, by keeping the traditional role of being a wife, mother, and grandmother. Having said that, the growth of Indian women small businesses and petty traders has spiraled, but what about Indian Women Entrepreneurs who want to make it different or unique in the business world? It is indeed, one of the pull factors of mine. I want to encourage plenty more Indian women to break the chain of gender bias by setting the example for propelling their small business by adding value, by adding unique selling proposition in becoming an entrepreneur. 

Ecosystem Preservation 
Global warming, pollution, and hectic lifestyle, are some of the reasons for the plunging of our ecosystem. Should we be blamed? Because, we are so taken up with the rush and push to status, power, position and money making until, we have ditched our role for ecosystem preservation? Not me, myself and I. Organic gardening has been my love for the last 20 years and I have taken it further, by keeping nature at my heart and at the heart of sustainable development. Suffice to say, ecosystem preservation is one of the core strengths of my social entrepreneurial journey, for promoting fitness in my nature zen. Ecosystem preservation as well for appreciating nature given fresh air and sunshine, and organic gardening, as part of fitness beauty for breathe, body, mind and soul.  

Fitness Lifestyle 
Seemingly, fitness has taken a back step compared to other priorities. Nothing surprising for me because I am in the fitness industry and business. I have heard it all, and I have seen it all, why fitness is ditched aside. Well, the reality bullet of our current era, whereby we prefer to spend our money at the doctors, or health care insurance policies. Not to forget, spending on health supplement products, compared to allocating time for fitness, which is definitely cheaper. Let alone, anywhere and everywhere you turn to these days, the common word you hear is busyness. Busy as the bees until there's no time for fitness. 

Despite the major challenges in creating awareness that fitness is the key strength to "health is wealth" and you won't loose anything by staying true to fitness, I am still adamant. Adamant in creating awareness that fitness is vital to the body, mind, and soul wellbeing. Yes, it is one of the pull motivation factors why I decided upon my social entrepreneurship journey. 

Financially Self-Sufficient 
To tell you the truth, I have not intention whatsoever in making millions by being a social entrepreneur. Not at all. Honestly, money-wise, I am self-sufficient for a simple life for the many years ahead of me. Then why? Why did I embark on my entrepreneurial journey? Good question! Well, the money I make will contribute towards upkeeping my hair, my skin, and for my clothes, as they need to be replenish. Of course, the fact as well to paying for the overhead cost of my fitness zen. Oh, oh,  before I forget, why not towards travelling too. Travelling as the eye-opener to other entrepreneurs in other parts of the world, for widening and broadening my entrepreneurial horizon. 


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