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Ms. Nava's Late 50s Social Entrepreneurship Journey - The Push Factors

Yes, I am the one. I am Ms.Nava and my social entrepreneurial journey began last year, in my late fifties. Specifically at my ripe, hahahaha! age of fifty eight (58). What a daring and bold journey, starting a business at this age, you must be wondering? I know. I myself can't believe it. Honestly, I had my doubts as well. I admit I had hundreds of doubts. Then again? As the saying goes? You never try, you never know and no risk, no gain. Let alone, I'm someone who is gamed for new challengers, come whatever it may be. Interesting right? Indeed. Interesting. The question now is, why did I start my entrepreneurial journey? Well, to answer this question, allow me to to relate and correlate my journey to the push and pull factors. The findings to the push factors, obviously, has already been made known in academic journals. For your information, I myself was an academician for 22 years and in my last job as a Senior Lecturer, I lectured and tutored in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, in the Curtin University degree program, for almost 12 years.

Trust me, it was easier lecturing and tutoring in these two subjects, compared to deciding and getting into the groove towards my entrepreneurship journey. No, no, please don't jump the gun, neither get me wrong. I'm not saying that lecturing in Small Business and Entrepreneurship were effortless, nor did it not require the brain power. Yet, the entrepreneurial journey is tougher, because of the risk. The risk to a new learning curve, the risk to putting into action your plans, the risk towards charting a new path, the risk of your money investment. and the risk of risking it all in late fifties. Having said that, I took the risk. The calculated risk due to my own push factors, or the forces which pushed me forward, towards my entrepreneurial journey Listed and elaborated below. 

Leaving behind my career as a Senior Lecturer, due to health reasons and due to the toxic culture, initially, I decided that, it will be a permanent early, self-chosen retirement. Suffice to say, I went like, my-my, mamma-mia. What a relieve, what a major blessing, coupled with excitement and trill. For the first 2 years, I travelled, simultaneously, I immersed in more time in my kitchen, for inventing new recipes. Apart from, I enjoyed the frill of going out with friends, and the feel good factor of spending quality time with my family. Honest to goodness, I felt fabulous. I felt extremely wanted by my family as well.

But 2 to 3 years down the road? I longed for my career again. What else is next, except applying for jobs. Countless applications and when I couldn't land myself back into the academic line, I didn't even mind clerical jobs. Mainly, online application, plus, trying my luck by asking friends. Yet? Nil. Literally 0. By then, age has caught up to 53, which assumingly is why I couldn't secure a job, and not my credentials. Believe me as well, I even went to the extent of submitting applications personally to some of the organizations. Still?? Back to square one. Point blank said, because I couldn't secure a job, I pushed myself towards my social entrepreneurial journey.  

Family! The colorful lot or colorless lot. Mostly colorless, selfish lot. Selfish in the sense that their welfare and lifestyle mattered, instead of considering mine. Let tell you why. After giving up my career, I realized I was being used. As if, I am free and easy, which pretty much sums up, how generously they handed over all family matters without even checking with me. Basically, taking me for granted. Gosh! As if I am their door mat. 

I couldn't take it. I wanted to get rid of being the one holding the family fort and I wanted to strip myself from all responsibilities, which by right, should be shared amongst family members. Let alone, I felt that even my other half-half, without realizing, went overboard by being dependent on me for everything and anything. Unbelievable, yet, the reality. My family experiences, oh-yes, contributed as the push factor. The push to, why I decided to venture into entrepreneurship. Gosh! I beg to differ if I didn't move forward, what else would have been waiting for me. 

So as to speak. People in the society. Duh! They, if not all, some, the pack of one hell of a hack, because while at socializing whereby I met new people, my-my-my! Jumping the gun to the social sigma of branding me, since I don't work. Nope, they were not interested in knowing about my background. Some of these characters, over time, had the cheek to classify me as housewife. Can you imagine how it would have felt when someone point blank awards you this statement - bloody housewife, housewives have nothing to do.  

Phew! There were instances, I couldn't help feeling small. Feeling as though, I am trying hard to fit into these people. Then again, come to think of it, I must salute these so called "Corporate Coms" for being one of the reasons for pushing me towards my social entrepreneurial journey. Not so much for proving any nuts to them, neither for achieving social status. Instead, for proving to myself that I am capable of starting all over again, and this time, starting from a scratch for igniting my entrepreneurial journey, for my self-worth. 

Next change - .Ms. Nava's Late 50s Entrepreneurship Journey - The Pull Factors 



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