Friday, February 17, 2023

Ms. Nava's Late 50s Social Entrepreneurship Journey - Unveiling the Push Factors

Step into the extraordinary story of Ms. Nava, a remarkable woman who embarked on her social entrepreneurial journey last year, defying age stereotypes and embracing boldness. At the ripe age of fifty-eight (58), she took a leap that left many wonderings, "Starting a business now? How intriguing!" Even Ms. Nava herself couldn't believe it at first. With hundreds of doubts clouding her mind, she pondered the challenges ahead. But as the saying goes, "You never try, you never know," and she understood that without risk, there can be no reward. Ms. Nava thrives on new challenges, ready to conquer whatever comes her way. Fascinating, isn't it? The intrigue only deepens.


Now, you might be curious about why she embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. Allow her to shed light on the push and pull factors that guided her path. While the push factors have been explored in academic journals, it's worth noting that Ms. Nava's background as a Senior Lecturer in Small Business and Entrepreneurship for over a decade made her transition into teaching seem comparatively easier. However, the entrepreneurial path proved tougher due to the risks involved—a new learning curve, putting plans into action, forging an uncharted path, investing her hard-earned money, and taking on these risks in her late fifties. Nevertheless, she took the plunge, carefully calculating her steps. It was her own push factors—forces that propelled her forward—that played a pivotal role in this decision. Let's dive into some of these factors:



Health reasons and a toxic work culture forced Ms. Nava to leave her career as a Senior Lecturer. Initially, she embraced the idea of early retirement, savouring the joys of travel, exploring new recipes in her kitchen, and relishing quality time with family and friends. But as time went by, the allure of her career grew stronger, and she found herself longing to re-enter the professional world. Countless job applications yielded no results, leaving her feeling frustrated and defeated. That's when she resolved to embark on her social entrepreneurial journey.

Ms. Nava's colourful, yet predominantly self-centred family played a significant role in her decision. After leaving her career, she discovered that she had been taken for granted, burdened with responsibilities that should have been shared among family members. Even her other half became heavily reliant on her. Determined to break free from this one-sided dynamic, she sought to redistribute the family's responsibilities. The experiences within her own family became a driving force behind her choice to venture into entrepreneurship, providing her with the motivation to escape such stifling circumstances.
Ah, society—the mixed bag of people and their judgmental tendencies. While socializing and meeting new acquaintances, Ms. Nava encountered individuals quick to label and categorize her due to her lack of employment. Some even branded her as a "housewife," dismissing her accomplishments and contributions. These encounters, though disheartening, ignited a fire within her. Ms. Nava decided to prove her worth not to these naysayers, but to herself. It was her chance to start anew, beginning from scratch, and demonstrate her capabilities through her entrepreneurial journey.


Now that we've explored the push factors, get ready to uncover the pull factors that enticed Ms. Nava towards her late 50s entrepreneurship journey. Stay tuned for the next chapter of her inspiring tale, where the allure of new possibilities beckons, and the winds of change whisper promises of fulfilment and self-discovery.



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