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Chandigarh, North India - Nava's Travel (Part 1)

New Delhi, Shimla, Kullu Manali and ......? 
Chandigarh. The capital of the northern states of Punjab and Haryana. Ohlalala! Another travelling feather on my travelling hat. Of course, I was all fired up and down for "Here I am Coming For You Darling" Chandigarh. Nevertheless, in the midst of the approximately 6 hours journey from Manali, the unexpected became the expected, because tour members, one after another had fallen ill. Most probably, for reasons only they know best? If by chance you are asking me why, let me spill their ugly eating truth. Hate me now if you want to, yet, I believe it was due to constantly pigging at hotel buffet breakfast, also, at the late hours complimentary dinner meals in hotels too. Oh-well. the sly me who have been slyly watching them from the corners of my eyes. Doink!!

By the way, these "Eating Heroes" are the ones who have been loudly blowing their trumpets to the number of places they have travelled, let one in India. Sadly though, their sense and sensibility didn't knock common sense to - when you are constantly journeying up and down, via the high and low notes of the valleys and mountains, which causes jerking and bouncing? Food in tummy will obviously bounce up and down, plus, you can't avoid muscle soreness and nausea.  

These supposedly "Guinness World Record" holders in travelling, suffice to say, were treated at the doctors. Whereas, the rest of us idling our time at the roadside. Honestly, I was agitated. Ahhh! Then again, logically, sympathy is expected out of you, when you are in a tour alongside the "Plus Size" older generation. Now, due to the "doctor, doctor, please treat me" situation, there were no stops in between. Thank god, since it was this part of India's nature zone, nature kept unfolding on both sides of the road. Between all the nature sceneries, Beas River captivated my soul the most. Running at its comfort through the northern states of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab, and already marking its presence as easternmost border of Alexander the Great's conquests in 326 BCE. Rising at an elevation of 4,361 meters, Beas River's origin can be tracked back to Beas Kund. Stunning! Emerald green water, against the backdrop of mountains and valleys backdrop, My-My! I couldn't let go. I kept looking at  Bea River till as far as my eyesight could behold. 

Now, punctuality to lunching on this day? Without a doubt, a sincere blessing. Unlike the previous days, by 12.30pm, we were already seated in Beas View Guest House & Bhojnalaya. Still, not 100% blessings, because? Vegetarian again. Oh-Dear! Really, I just can't understand why, when its India, it must be vegetarianism all rounder. Beats me too why Malaysian Indians will always settle for India's vegetarian meals. What, they don't trust India's non-vegetarianism, or cheaper to their pockets? Anyway, in this packed to the rim, crowded, back to back seating dining area, we ordered Ghee Dosa, Vegetarian Thali set, Vegetarian Fried Rice and Gulab Jamun for the five of us. Food verdict? Taste-wise, acceptable, but variety-wise, over and over the same items, again and again, similar to the rest of the meals we have had till this far.

Now, in the midst of journeying again after lunch, the ruffling to health again. Back to square one. To the doctors again, whereas the rest of us, ding-dong-bell, and, by the time we checked into Hotel Swan? Night has fallen. I skipped hotel dinner, and without wasting much time, I headed to my room, which luckily didn't ruffle me further, neither bashed up my happy hormones. Cleanliness at the heart of it all, my room was truly a comfort zone. Yippie-Yeh!

To be continued 



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