Saturday, January 21, 2023

Fake People - What Should We Do?

FAKE People! Watch out for them. They are everywhere. Literally everywhere and these days, due to the tremendously lifestyle, the lifestyle to success - success in terms of position, power, money, materialism, achievements and what not? You find more fakes compared to genuine personalities. Gone, gone are the days people were simple, humble, down-to-earth, practical and logical. These days, everywhere you turn to, fake people are there and mind you, they can be amongst your close friends and relatives. Some of these people can be easily identified, whereas, the rest, tell me about it? Sneaky and so sly until it will take a while to find out who they are. Including those closest to you. Scary right? I know. 

Now, how do we classify fake people? Fake people are people who are nice in front, but at the back of you? OMG! They gossip about you, they spread rumors about you, and they pull you down, In other words, they are nasty behind your back, whereas in front of you? They are angels. Why are they faking, in case you are wondering? Well, for reasons like, they envy you, they are jealous of you, they don't like to see you happy, they like to assume things about you, they want to make use of you, they badly want to be you, so on and so forth.  

Can we do anything about these fake people? I doubt we can, neither we should because, remember, its not our job to change anyone and when you try to logic with them or put sense into them, oh-dear, it will be riots of fire. The fire within them and with their flame running high, they will burn you up and down. Trust me, sparks will fly. Simply because they cannot accept the reality bullet, and in return, they will destroy you further by spreading more lies, just to defend themselves. 

Therefore, the best is to distant yourself from them and when you see them, just say Hi, how are you by keeping your smile. That's it. In worst scenario, if you really cannot, you may consider cutting the ties. I have, with some of them. No more friendship, no more wanting to be with them, and if I bump into them, I ignore them. Ditto. Remember, the onus is with you and not them. Please, don't let them get to you and don't let them them ruin your breathe, body, mind and soul happiness. 

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