Saturday, November 12, 2022

Vegetarian Tofu Sambal (Malaysian Style)

Hi loves, 
How are all of you doing? I bet  you are doing well and good. As for me, as I have repeated myself, over and over again, its packed to the rim, from the ground for strengthening my business, Nava's Zen (Sun Dried Mango Vegetarian Curry & Drumstick Egg Masala Curry). Nevertheless some things have been put into perspective and one of it, dang, my YouTube Channel, which has been giving a facelift. Of course, there is much room for further improvement and enhancement, without a doubt. For the time being, it is my sincere hope that the facelift will attract you further to return to my YouTube Channel for checking out, what is "Nava's Cooking" latest recipe.  

Now, let me usher you back to this, another precious space, like Nava's Zen, of mine. Well, its another cooking story. Basically, another food love. After all, I believe food is one of the connections for friendship and food is the love to our soul. Any kind of food for the matter and sure, we have our favorites as well. Having said that, unsure I am if this "Vegetarian Tofu Sambal" (Plant Based Masala Tofu, Mapo Tofu & Tofu Manchurian) will be a hit to your palates? Then again, even when it comes to food, lets keep our option open please. 

2 packets white tofu - cut and sprinkle some salt atop

For the sambal paste (blend/pound/pulse) 
1 tomato 
1 red onion 
5 garlic 
Dried red chilies (per taste) 
Fresh red chilies  (per taste)

Other ingredients 
2 lemongrass - bruised/smashed 
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka (per taste) 
Lime juice (per taste) 
Oil as needed 
Salt to taste

Heat oil. 
Fry tofu on both sides.

Remove and keep aside.
Reduce the amount of oil.
Add sambal paste.
Saute/fry till oil floats. 
Add lemongrass. 
Add palm sugar, lime juice and salt. 
Drop in the fried tofu pieces.
Stir and off the heat.

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