Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Captain Shrimp - Delectable Tex-Mex fare, Mini Buffet Catering & Christmas Menu 2021

Captain Shrimp Jaya One Food Delivery & Mini Catering was started in mid of 2018, with only 16 menu items, envisioned delivering American-style dishes at affordable prices. The name was a nod towards seafood-centric menu such as seafood boil, American and Mexican fare. Following popular demand, we shifted our main focus to Tex-Mex cuisine with fun twist instead of typical Mexican fare. The difference between Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine, was in the additional use of different ingredients such as yellow cheese (Colby, Mozzarella, Red Cheddar, cream cheese and Jack cheese), taco seasoning and the use of flour tortillas, while maintaining usage of imported spices such as Cajun, Paprika, Cayenne, Old El Paso Taco Seasoning and Lemon Pepper, while maintaining American dishes. We are now offering more menus with 62 offerings and finest ingredients at an affordable price. Featuring compact menu ranging from regular size to Medium (2 to 3pax) & Large (10 to 12pax) plus Extra-Large size (14 to 16pax).

Biggest challenge we faced during pandemic is delivering their food in time to customers due to the roadblocks and limited packaging supply. Our regulars learned to adapt to that difficult situation by ordering ahead. Sometimes orders would be placed days in advance for easier planning. Another hoop we had to jump through was sourcing disposable packing materials on time. As we use about 30 different types of packaging items, we had to plan purchases by ordering large quantities ahead of time.


Highlights of the latest bestseller:

Corn Shell Chicken Taco - Old El Paso taco shell Filled with diced baked chicken, greens, taco seasoning, Mozzarella cheese & Cheese sauce. Healthier as they are oven baked, golden, crisp and crunchy. Gives them their distinctive flavour, aroma and texture.

Beef Meatball Pasta - Italian-American dish consisting of spaghetti, basil tomato sauce, capsicum and meatballs.

Wild Mushroom Pasta - This Creamy portobello & crimini pasta recipe is rich, creamy, delicious & culinarily creative Carnivore.

Dory Sandwiches - two pieces of deep-fried Dory Fish Fillet, as opposed to bread, containing toasted chicken ham, greens, cheese, and sauces.


Dual Cheese Quesadilla - Pan-grilled Old El Paso flour tortillas wrap around a filling of Jack and Red Cheddar cheese and cook until golden brown.

Baked Mac & Cheese Chicken - This baked mac and cheese is a family favourite recipe, loved by both children and adults. It uses a combination of cheeses, layered in the dish as well as melted into a rich and creamy cheese sauce & chicken breast, for the ultimate in cheesy deliciousness!

Make your next gathering one to remember forever. We provide catering packages for all events, whatever the occasion may be. We have a wide selection of dishes that includes everything from beef, chicken and seafood dishes to a variety of pasta and deep-fried options to choose from. All you have to do is select the courses you wish to have served, and we will cook them up for you! Our meals are prepared with the finest ingredients by highly experienced chefs, so you know that you’ll be receiving only the best quality and affordable meals. We look forward to working with you on your next special event.
It’s time to bring out the advent calendars: Christmas is officially less than a month away. Captain Shrimp Christmas 2021 menu this year come in a whole range: from 2 set menus with Tex-mex twists and hearty combos, one will definitely be spoilt for choice. The festive takeaways/delivery, also on the other hand, come with indulgent seafood and meats that are bound to keep you stuffed even after a night of revelry at home. Expect Captain Shrimp iconic dishes like the Jack & Mozzarella Quesadilla, Apple Crumble Pie, Loaded Potatoes Skin, US Baked Mussel Signature NZ Grilled Lamb with Mint Sauce, a mouth-watering, juicy number that’s perfumed with imported herbs and spices. Both sets is available from 15th to 31st December 2021.

We're sure you're as excited as us to get together with your loved ones this Christmas! So whether it is the office Christmas party or getting the family together before an event or good night out with friends, there really is something for everyone at Captain Shrimp this festive season. Do WhatsApp us and we'll help you with your reservation.

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