Monday, November 22, 2021

Ageing Gracefully - Ms. Nava K

It took me many many years to understand what ageing gracefully is. Like any other modern society, many are trying their hardest to upturn the conventions and say that age is just a number, not a big deal. But, looking back now, actually, I don't really know nor understand what it really meant. It felt somewhat meaningless. Now, as I crossed the border beyond fifty-seven (57) years, I can't stop visualizing myself with an endless whirl of chores, things to complete and people to take care of. I wonder if I'll end up like my mum and aunts. Typically, Indian women's chores boom after marriage. Spending most of their time doing domestic work like cooking, cleaning, washing and the list goes on and on and on. And the endpoint to this is usually either health gets in the way or when they leave for the after-world. 


Well, this is my story. A few months before I hopped into my fifty-seven-year-old zone, the substance and meaning of aging gracefully made its presence. Hah! The logic behind those two words not only gives me a sense of accomplishment but a realization of what it truly means. And now I can proudly say that I am glad for every failure, fall, fumbles, tears, happiness, roaring laughter, and the people who were around me. Because these are the things that define who I am and young or old. If you don’t want to spend your life wandering aimlessly on how to age gracefully, follow these core tips below. 


Acceptance, to unconditionally value all parts of who we are is not an easy job, I must say. I battled that for years and mind you, I am still learning. But one thing for sure is that there's nothing that I want to change in my yesteryears, the good and those that still need polishing. Sure, I still get worked up, but it's minimal. Thank God. There’s something highly connected for Indian women with their emotions. Therefore to stay calm and keep my emotions in check now is something that I'm proud of. *Pat on the back. 



I believe maturity is a pack of wisdom and common sense. More importantly, knowing that the world does not necessarily fit into us, instead, we fit into the world of all sorts of colorful people. And it's ok to not fit in, as long as we are not making enemies. Having said that, sometimes I am confused too, if age comes with maturity, or maturity comes from experiences and exposures. For me, outrightly, age. The more you've seen the world, the more people you mix with, the more mistakes you've made, the higher the probability of maturity. Listening as well, sometimes quietly, with your mouth shut.  

Know What You Want

I believe, with acceptance and maturity, more than half the battle is won, and by then, you'll know what you want. Not an easy journey and I must admit, it took my donkey and monkeys to find my path. Some of my closest friends, big-timers in the corporate world, yet, admit they don’t know what they want in love, in family, and even from themselves. Knowing what you want can be a complicated matter. If you are willing to strip your ego, strip your personality, I suppose you will acknowledge what you want? Even so, please do not pressure yourself, because part of ageing gracefully is taking our time to decide what we want. 



Amongst all in this world, I preach about self-love. This doesn't mean you have to stop loving others but it's about paying attention to your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. To love yourself is to take care of yourself, do something nice for yourself, clear your thoughts and I must say some "me time" can do wonders for self-love. When you know love is not something you need but rather available inside of you, you'll start to embrace it. Now, I'm enjoying most of my time alone. Be it traveling, shopping, dining in restaurants, or even the movies. What about.... alone? I dare not say. 

All in all, ageing gracefully should be a meaningful journey. It's a destination that you have yet to discover, treasure to uncover, while embracing your true self along the way. Now, live, love, laugh, go crazy and enjoy every moment of it. 

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