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Yoga. Beauty For Breathe, Body, Mind & Soul

(Venue - Foliage Cafe, Taman Desa Utama, Kuala Lumpur)
Hi Darlings,

I believe, I sincerely do, by now, if not the whole world, at least some of you are aware of my background, and where I am heading to? Yes. The buzz and buzzing of Ms. Nava K - Nava’s Zen. Holistic Wellness. In case, for whatever case best known to you, if you have missed it, said as well, as my all colours splashed all over me, please do me a favour please. Please click at - Nava’s Zen, Plant Based Breakfast Platters, Nava Krishnan and for my credentials and qualifications, LinkedIn. Alright, right on, let me get you to the yoga topic matter of the day. Yoga - Beauty For Breathe, Body, Mind & Soul. A matter so extremely close, closest to my “Yoga Heart”, also known as my Heart Chakra/Anahata Chakra. Furthermore, I’m assuming you may want to find out if I am obsessive, compulsive, or am I an avid lover of yoga? Oh-well, to sum up, oh-yes, I am all about yoga love. Precisely why I have walked countless miles in terms of learning, teaching, and embracing yoga. More importantly, obtaining my yoga credentials and qualifications. 


Needless to say, aside to learning, teaching and embracing yoga, top marks must be awarded for my yoga qualifications and credentials. Not as in for showing off, neither impressing you, maybe yes, well, hahaha, yet, the point is? Since I have gone through the rough and tough mill of studying and going back to studying for reinventing, refurbishing, recharging and rejuvenating myself as a yoga instructor, at 55? No, wasn’t a bed of roses mind you. I still did it anyway, from 55 to 57, and I am still learning, because in my humble opinion, I must be supported and backed up by my yoga qualifications and credentials for my yoga confidence. In return for being a confident yoga instructor, apart from confidently being the founder of Nava's Zen. Otherwise, I will be known as yoga bogus or yoga quack.    

To the topic close or closest to my heart now, yoga - beauty for breathe, body, mind and soul. Really? Is it? Is yoga really and truthfully a beauty? Take it from me please and yes, millions of yesses from this qualified, certified and verified yoga instructor, without a doubt, yoga is my beauty. But, why, you must be questioning me? Sure. Let me confidently and unselfishly tell you, by spilling the yoga beans from my yoga breathe, body, mind and soul. Let alone, by the virtue of me discovering yoga at one of my lowest points in my life. At 55, my lifestyle world started spinning aimlessly. To and fro, back and forth, so much so, my breathe, body, mind and soul were lost on how to slow the massive spinning. The outcome of the spinning? The ruins to my health. My heart getting over-excited by beating and pumping aimlessly and madly, as well as body pain, headache and what not, creating the urgency for Ms. Nava K, for going in and out of the medical centre. Obviously thereafter, I must have returned home with bundle of tables right? The bundle for body pain, headache and antibiotics too. However, sadly, unfortunately, nothing promising to my health, and me returning to the medical centre for the 4th time. This time? I was told I am heading to "Depression" land. Therefore? What else, except anti-depressant tablets, which, oh-hell, causing unexpected unwarranted, clashing of breathe, body, mind and soul. Let alone, awakening the ugly inner demon in me, after taking, just a single round of the tablets. 

At this juncture, honest to goodness, I have without realising, classified myself as the  "Depressed" woman. Not until, thank God, yes, thanks to my god and my instincts, I knew something is not right. At once, I said enough. Enough to the anti-depressant tablets, and off to a private doctor, who became my hero. The hero who nailed it in my head. My head, struggling with migraine and not being in depressed state. Wah! Migraine ditched aside within 2 days of taking the migraine tablets, yet, mind and soul still somewhat wobbly, for running my negative emotions and feelings up and down, and this almost like sprint run, gunning my mind down continuously. Duh!

Finally, help came in the form of my doctor friend, who after listening to what I am going through, suggesting yoga as the remedy and treatment. Trust me, she was not wrong at all. Within a month of my once-a-week yoga classes, moreover, me practicing daily by myself practicing the basic, simple yoga poses/asanas and meditation, breathe and mind? I returned to myself. In fact, stronger than before, furthermore, my mind sounding to me that - Nava, this is your “yoga calling”. The calling that sincerely and genuinely beautified my breathe, body, mind and soul. The beautification as well for indicating that I should pursue yoga as a as my profession. Sure enough, I did and, slowly and surely, the glow and shine of yoga transforming me inside and outside. Inside as in, me the beauty to my emotions and feelings, and outside, beautifying me in the sense of putting my body into yoga perspective.   

(Venue - Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, India)

Alright darlings, so much for yoga - beauty for breathe, body, mind and soul. The next time, for my next round, please keep all your yoga senses open for my pitching on “Yoga Mindfulness”. The vitality for mind wealthiness and mind healthiness, also, for stabilising our wild monkey mind from jumping up and down. Take care yea. 



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