Friday, October 29, 2021

Omam/Jemuju/Ajwain Water - The “magic concoction” That Keeps Your Tummy & Day Happy!

Aiyooooo! Why did I even bother eating so much of these yummy crab biryani! I’m feeling so stuffed and uneasy now la!”

Well, does this sound familiar to you? That’s right! All of us go through this almost on a weekly basis after indulging in some kinda lip-smacking food and think to yourself that you’re not going to eat anything for the next 24 hours at least! No! Don’t do that to yourself. Let me tell you about this “magic concoction” known as omam water (in Tamil), ajwain water (in Hindi) and air jemuju (in Malay). It is basically carom seed water.

Still blur on what I’m talking about? Chill, I’ll take you through. Carom seed is one of the varied spices that we use daily in our kitchens that yields an essential oil extract; which is traditionally used to treat stomach related disorders and discomforts.  It is a tiny seed-like fruit related to cumin, from the celery family. It has an aroma similar to thyme, and a slightly bitter, herbal taste with notes of oregano, celery seed, and a hint of anise. Sounds refreshing right!

These little seeds are packed with vitamin B1 and B3, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium that cleanse your system and keep your body healthy. It also contains thiamine, which is known to have antiseptic and has anti-inflammatory properties, and taddaaa, this is what ultimately helps your tummy feel better!

The secret recipe of homemade omam water was shared with me by my grandmother and I’m ever thankful that she didn’t take it to grave with her! That’s because this whole issue of having bloated tummy, indigestion, dullness and the whole works of it runs in my family! So I make sure to always have some in my kitchen.

After many years of benefiting from this homemade “magic concoction”, I thought to myself “Why shouldn’t I share this goodness with all the others out there who are suffering from the same predicament?” After all sharing is caring and so Lara’s Omam Water – 100% Homemade & Natural was born in September 2020 and ever since has benefitted many people from all walks of life.

Let me quickly list down the main benefits for easy reference.

ü  To ease stomach ache, flatulence, acidity, indigestion, dullness, diarrhea and heart burn.

ü  A total body health tonic.

ü  Maintaining a good digestive system.

So anyone who needs a good nice big burp or *fart* to feel better, hurry and get your hands on Lara’s Omam Water. Visit us at Lara's Omam Water - 100% Homemade & Natural on Facebook or @laras.omam.water on Instagram.


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