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Nava's Zen. Holistic Wellness

Hi Darlings, I know. I've been missing in action in this space of mine. This space, obviously, for those of you who have following me faithfully for almost 10 years now, I'm sure you have already noticed? The rebranding, the refurnishing, the realignment, the remodification and whatever, whatever; for being known as Nava's ZenHolistic Wellness. Yippie-yeh! Finally, after all these years. The years to my life and at this age of mine, #myfiffysevenlife (57), I am heading towards a new direction. In fact, the direction is indeed crystal clear and I have already taken the steps. Henceforth, due to putting things together towards the direction, pretty much, why I have not pitched anything for almost 3 weeks or so. The busyness to setting up my business, #navaszen has put me like, on the roller blades, skating all directions. 

Needless to say, there are still things to do before my #holisticwellnenss is up and about, flying high up in the sky and if not all, somethings have been pending due to Covid lockdown. But now, considering that it’s much more relaxation in movements, businesses and humans, I need to work on all those pending things. First thing first, I would like to share with all you amazing darlings, right now about Nava’s Zen. Our zen profile, and of course, how can I not include, aha, "The Crazy Lover". The crazy lover, who? Me alright and the crazy lover is my pen-name or me the keyboard warrior, for my ever first ever book. Whilst you await my e-book patiently or impatiently, hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, before the end of 2021, and for making the book’s presence known in the virtual world, here’s to our profile and of course, yours truly, Nava K, like I have already said earlier, must, must and must be included. Alright, sit back, stand up, or you can even roll on the floor, hit it hard, really hard, in full force, to #navaszen. 

Nava's Zen. Holistic Wellness 
Nava's Zen. It is, basically the BIRTH of the owner itself, Ms. Nava. Where she combines her creativity, innovation, and most importantly her deep-rooted LOVE for yoga and "delivering" it as Nava’s Zen in the business world. Fret not, in this birth story, no spermatozoa was needed. Only pure LOVE. 

Nava's Zen is a home-based "Holistic Wellness" Centre located in Ms. Nava's proud “Mother Earth & Father Earth” land, Kota Kemuning, Selangor, Malaysia. Away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, amidst the quiet double-story neighbourhood. Providing you, rest assured- ample space to breathe. But earth given to all, natural fresh air and sunshine? Well, with Malaysia's weird weather, it really depends. If Malaysian rain lashes, FREE fresh air for all! However, as much as we want this for everyone, we might also warn you that's not always the case. Sometimes, there will be air pollution, noise pollution due to the unwarranted, can’t do anything much, vrooming and zooming of cars or sometimes the melody of barking dogs which unfortunately is beyond our control and earth’s control. Besides that, you'll find an abundance of “free and easy” roaming cats, which are not only skilful in climbing but also for being on top of their game in learning the skills of the reproductive system! Yup, you read that right!  All in all, for Ms. Nava, these are all part and parcel of life. Because for her, yoga has ignited high doses of tolerance, calmness, peace of mind and love for whatever is packaged as “Mother Earth & Father Earth” regardless of the events happening in her surroundings.  

Despite all that, Nava's Zen is a place of serenity, tranquility, and earth radiating wavelengths of energy at the façade where plants, vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers are grown. Apart from the nature-given oxygen, the scent of aromatherapy candles and essential oils lingering in the ambiance will deliver a burst of freshness that will surely transport your senses. 

Nava’s Earth Physical & Mental Fitness. Beauty For Breathe, Body, Mind & Soul  
Wellness Yoga  
The must warm-up asanas/poses series and between the 8.4million asanas/poses, wellness yoga asanas/poses will be the appreciated and value-added meaningfulness. Furthermore, challenging asanas/poses will be modified as in easy variations and the focus will as well be, meditation, breathe & mind, also, chakras. For the wellness of the breathe, body, mind, and soul. Which, rest assured, will flip our stress and rushed lives to a more comfortable, unshaken mind zone.   

Beauty Wellness Yoga  
The must warm-up asana/poses series, followed by asanas/poses, meditation, breathe and mind, and mudras. For encouraging, for stimulating, and for igniting your beauty prana/life force energy. As well as, natural beauty tips at the helms of Ms. Nava, the certified and qualified Beauty Therapist. 

Wellness Dance Yoga (Beginners - Malaysian Diversity Songs)   
The must warm-up asanas/poses series. Never in any of Nava’s yoga classes, meditation, breathe and mind will be set aside. Meditation, breathe and mind will forever be the conclusiveness for any yoga classes. Still. What is this dance yoga all about? Asanas/poses attuned to gracefulness, poise, dainty, and rhythmic dancing. Accompanied by slow, soothing, gentle songs. Yea. or any kind of song that your heart desires. 

Wellness Yogalates  
The must warm-up, consisting of the combination of yoga asanas/poses and pilates movements. Thereafter, as already indicated, yoga and pilates for healthiness by increasing flexibility of all joins in the body, stimulating internal organs, toning muscles, detoxifying, and yes, calorie burning and weight loss. 

Wellness Mother Earth Home Dining 
Private, exclusive, and customized “Malaysian Vegetarian” dining. Incorporating all home-grown organic vegetables and fruits. Ms. Nava, who has belted qualifications in culinary arts, and she appointed herself as the home chef. The home chef, who as well, has tested, tried and experimented with various types of dishes. Cooking for family, plus, she being a number one foodie who has tried and dived into various types of dishes whilst traveling. For a fact, believe us when we say, in all her dishes, she will shower bags and bags of love. 
**Terms and conditions apply.   

Wellness Father Earth Home Stay 
The compliance, as the originality, standing firm and staying upright for the environment. Home Stay rooms are rustic, cosy, a class of its own, and simply breath-taking. Colour scheme, fittings, and fixtures are coherent to the blessings of Mother Earth & Father Earth, in the 3 types of rooms. Surya/Sunroom, Chandra/Moon Room & Bhoomi/Earth Room.  
**Terms and conditions apply 
Wellness Customer Service 
We take solace in our mother earth and father earth customer service. You will without a doubt receive an unlimited amount of sunshine, moonshine, complimentary of Nava’s Zen “Laughter Therapy” and forever as the smiling earth. All for the beauty to breathe, body, mind & soul. Oh, oh, I must also say that Nava’s Zen is also strategically located within a short walking distance to a self-service launderette, 99 Speed Mart, Econsave hypermarket, and eateries. Yay to that!

For the time being, we are still under repair and care and in due course, when we are ready, we will welcome each one of you with our loving, Shah Alam nature open arms.  

Lots of love darlings!

Nava K (Founder) 
Welcome! Meet the one and only Navaneetham Krishnan! One of a kind? Definitely. She inhales confidence, self-acceptance, and self-belief if you can't already tell. ;p. Instead of getting your tongue twisted by addressing her by the name given by her mummy dearest, you can call her Ms. Nava Krishnan, or even better, Ms. Nava. As for how she is known and respected by her students for almost 25 years in the education industry. She was not only a senior lecturer in Inti College, Subang but was also a lecturer and a tutor in the University of Wollongong, Perth (Degree Twinning Program), and Metropolitan College, in the Curtin University of Technology, Australia (Degree Twinning Program) as well).

Ms. Nava began her working life at a young age, 18 years old to be exact. Just after completing her SPM/senior high school, she started off as a Research Assistant, followed by being a Finance Secretary and Personal Assistant to General Manager, before stepping foot into the education industry. Along the way or even prior, she has obtained several qualifications. 2014 was the year she decided to take a break or what she thought a "permanent retirement". She stepped out from the working world, thinking that it will be her permanent retirement. Due to health reasons, particularly the return of her menopausal syndromes which she couldn’t handle, and also due to how corporate life sucked massively. Sorry, not sorry. Which then led to explosions of C5 or C6 bombs that shattered her inner self.  

Slowly and surely, she took the leap and managed her "menopause" with her newly appointed best friends- her traveling luggage and traveling shoes, gluing her heart back together- one country at a time. Whilst at it, she also took care of her mum who had fallen ill and she shed buckets and buckets of tears, when daddy dearest, left for heaven. Leaving a major hole in her heart. At that point in time, Ms. Nava thought the only way to escape from reality was by returning to work. Numerous job applications were sent but somehow, nada, zero said yes. To make things worse, during this time others things cropped up too. Things closest to her heart, private and confidential, which may have directly or indirectly contributed to her being shocked, knocked and rolled again. Causing health to take a toll. In and out of the medical centre wondering what the heck went wrong.

While she was on the verge of being diagnosed with depression, she discovered yoga, via-a-viz, yoga discovering her. They fell in love. Yoga and Ms. Nava. Yoga helped in building her life again and yoga loudly whispered to her that, not to leave him or her alone. To the ground floor, for the qualifications and certification for yoga, the rest is the sheer perseverance, determination, and willpower. Of course, no matter what, Ms. Nava must thank her palpitation, her hot flashes, her loved ones, her doctor who almost landed her in depression and friends who branded her as a confused housewife. Because at the end of it all, Ms. Nava conquered all of them well. Tadaa! Ms. Nava and the late booming of hers. Regardless, as her forever philosophy, it’s never too late for anything for the matter, she has tightly and firmly secured Nava’s Zen at 57. Her ripe, juicy and prime age. Feel comfortable. Drop a message at her intro. :)

Oh, oh, we must also mention that Ms. Nava is no con-artist or quack. She is qualified in whatever is offered in Nava's Zen. She is backed up and supported by her credentials and qualifications. There’re bundles of them, really and honestly, and if you want to check out each one and furthermore, please head to her LinkedIn profile - Ms. (Krishnan) Nava, otherwise, you can conveniently, slyly, sneakily or curiously head to her Facebook Personal Profile (Nava Krishnan)

Master Of Science Yoga (pursuing) 
Diploma in Yoga (Malaysia Pranava Yoga Center) 
Yogasanam Training - 3 months (Malaysia Pranava Yoga Center) 
International Yoga Instructors Course Foundation (MAYI Academy) 
International Yoga Instructors Course Intermediate (MAYI Academy) 
Diploma in Hospitality Management (Alison Learning) 
Mental Health & Nutrition (University of Canterbury) 
Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (HarvardX) 
Meditations To Change Your Brain (LinkedIn Learning) 
Mindfulness Practices (LinkedIn Learning) 
GREENTECH: Maintaining Technologies in Green, Blue and Clean Operations (World Bank Group) 
Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science Chemistry (HarvardX) 
Certified Professional Coach (Malaysian Institute of Management) 
Certified Professional Marketer (Asia Pacific Marketing Federation) 
Bachelor of Applied Social Science Counselling (Australian College of Applied Psychology) 
Masters of Business Administration General Management (Charles Sturt University, Australia) 
Diploma in Management (Malaysian Institute of Management) 
International Certification in Patisserie & Bread Making (Taylors School of Culinary Arts) 
Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Jurusolek (Majlis Latihan Vokasional Kebangsaan) 
Certificate in Beauty Therapist (International Therapy Examination Council, England) 
Diploma in Beauty Therapist (Issamay School of Beauty) 


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