Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Malaysian Banana Fritters (Pisang Goreng Malaysia)

What have I been up to? Ah! Until you haven’t heard of me in this precious space of mine and including my YouTube channel which has been idle. Let tell you now. The two main highlights for me right now? The two major highlights I am currently working my butt out? The pride of mine I am working towards to? One. I’m still at my thesis. My thesis towards obtaining? MSc.Yoga. Plus. This thesis to be converted to a book. My first ever book for publication as E-book and this book, complimentary to all your darlings. Apart from, of course, it’s gonna be my contribution to the yoga world. E-Book is definitely going wake up, all you up immediately. Because. It’s me in my book. The funky, fun, happy, liberal, open minded, bubbly and joyous Ms. Nava. An open book. The yoga openness. That’s about it I am unveiling right now. Ditto.  

On the other hand, the other I am currently working my butt towards as well? The birth and let it glow and grow like a big ball of love - Nava’s Zen. Nava’s Zen. Home based, my “mother earth and father earth” inspired “Health Wellness” lifestyle center. The wellness to yoga, the wellness to “Asian Vegetarian”, home grown organic vegetables and fruits, home dining. And the wellness to ‘Home Stay”. Thus. I am like on the roller-blades. Nava’s Zen. Still in the pipeline.    

Alright loves. To the recipe now. Malaysian Banana Fritters (Chempedak Goreng Rangup/Fried Jackfruit) and bananas (Malaysian Banana Flambe, Malaysian Banana Panckakes & Bingka Pisang) on the whole? Easily available. The anytime availability. Between the various types. Plus. Does not cost a bomb. Malaysian Banana Fritters. My invention. My intervention for intercepting the usual, standard types of banana fritters. My Malaysian Banana Fritters. Neh! Not brain cracking. Easily available Malaysian ingredients and the cooking technic, simplicity as well. Let’s cook loves.

2 bananas 
1 tsp baking powder 
A tiny bit of salt 
1 tsp oil (for batter) 
¾ cup all-purpose flour/wheat flour 
Oil for frying 
Water as needed

To serve with 
Coconut milk 
Palm sugar syrup

Add salt, baking powder and oil into flour. 
Pour water, bit by bit and whisk till no lumps (thick batter or thin batter). 
Heat oil. 
Dip bananas into batter and fry. 

Remove from oil. 
Pair with coconut milk and palm sugar syrup.

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