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Freeman Brightening Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask

Hi wonderful and amazing souls. Before I begin. Before I start, and take you through. Through, thick and thin throughout my beauty pitching today. Just thought of sharing my thoughts on and about blogging. Blogging! Has been said as a dead platform or a platform not as flying “Up In The Air” and “Take 5” anymore. Used to be back then. In fact or fact a fact, blogging has taken a back-step or many back-steps behind due to the popularity of? Of course. Obviously. What else? The number one blogging enemy can be none except - the string of social media platforms. Eg: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and if I am not mistaken, Tik Tok is leading now? These platforms. So very congested. So massively crowded with many stars who have made their name and many are following closely as upcoming stars.  What about this “The Crazy Lover”? This Nava K? Tough call. Really tough. Despite, I am also sort of, active on these social media platforms. However, not like I am all the time. As and when time is one my side usually.

What about blogging? Says it all. Why I am right here right now. Updating my blog. Blogging for “My Fifty Six Life”? Indeed. A space. My space. My darling space. My hobby. A hobby for calming my body, mind and soul. Each time I am triggered by negativity, I put whatever I can aside and I bury myself in this blog of mine. The other calmness of mine? The ultimate yoga. Ultimately. Yoga. Actually, yoga is the number one calmness. Regardless whether I put on my role as a yoga instructor or in my role as one of the students, learning yoga from other yoga instructors as well (Malaysian Indian Pepper Soup).  

Alright. Enough said I suppose on blogging, let me now spear start on the beauty reality, sincerity and truthfulness of Freeman Brightening Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask.  Freeman? The brand and branding of and from USA, and when such brands are a concern, pricing will always be steeper compared to Made-In-Malaysia beauty calling. Why? Exchange rate, sales tax, local distributors’ margin, also, due to the popularity of the brands. How much did I pay for Freeman Brightening Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask? RM 27.00 in Guardian. Not bad. Come to think of it. Affordable and if you use Freeman Brightening Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask once a week, or even twice a week? Lasting. Can take you through, maybe, for 6 months or furthermore.

Freeman Brightening Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask 
Antioxidants for glowing skin. Plus, helps minimize the appearance of dark spots, brighten uneven skin tone, and suited for normal to combination skin. 
Free from harsh chemicals and supposedly, being cruelty free. 
Scent - oh so refreshing.

To Use  

Stream out gel mask from the plastic tube, of course, after flip-opening the cover and apply an even layer to clean, dry face. Leave on 10-15 minutes or until dry. Gently peel off mask, and wash off with warm water. Use twice, a week or as often as needed.

My Take 
Why not? I won’t mind admitting that I am fond of Freeman Feeling Beautiful Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off Mask. Honestly. I do because I can’t, no matter how hard I try, I can’t downgrade it. Suffice to say, I have nothing bad nor can I find any valid, valuable, concrete reasons for ditching this mask aside. Because. It did justice for my skin as a beauty food and feed for releasing the stress on my face. Yes, it did. Maybe not for a tremendous profoundness in brightening, yet. it did embalm the much needed awakening of my skin. On the other hand, not the fault of the mask though, due to my “sweat baby sweat”, forever trending skin, I can’t peel off the mask. I have to gently use my fingers for uplifting upwards the mask first. Also, if there’s still some particles of the mask on my face, I gently massage with water, before ensuring all of it has been cleared out of my skin. The other I must mention is that, this mask didn't show any improvement in minimising my dark spots, neither did it splash any beauty love on my uneven skin tone.

However, brightening mask on the whole for this "The Crazy Lover"? Somewhat on a dry side. Oh-Well! The reality to, I have stopped donating blood every month from the part between my legs. Ah! Ah! Ah! It’s perfectly okay. I have accepted the reality by the way. Freeman Feeling Beautiful Green Tea & Orange Blossom Peel-Off. Much more have been said and spoken by Nava K in the attached video. You decide. Once you have digested this beauty pitching of mine or after watching my video, or both in tandem. Take care darlings. We will catch up sooner or later.



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