Friday, April 16, 2021

Som Tam (Thai Green Papaya Salad)

Green Papaya Salad. Oh yes. Quite a popularity in Asia. Apart from the Thai version, like this one I am sharing, you can chance upon green papaya salad in Cambodia (Bok Lahong/Cambodian Green Papaya Salad, Cambodian Vegetarian Green Papaya Salad & Cambodian Sour Fish Soupand in Malaysia as well. Oh yes please. Our Malaysian version to a green papaya salad, mostly the Malay style version and pretty much? Thai Green Papaya Salad or Som Tam can be devoured into, in Thai restaurants and Thai stalls situated in coffee shop, in Malaysia. Indeed a familiarity for Malaysians. My Thai green papaya salad knowing upon of course originated in Malaysia. As well as during my Thailand solo travelling adventures. Thailand! Yes, I did it. From right from the borders of Malaysia (Betong, Phuket/Krabi, Ayutthaya & Chonburi) and all the way till I even crossed over from Chiang Rai (The Golden Triangle Boat Ride) to Myanmar (Myanmar - Across The Border). Tadaa!!

Says it all right? Why this "The Crazy Lover is quite a home chef, producing Thai food (Thai Red Prawn Curry, Thai Fried Chicken & Thai Crispy Fish) in her kitchen? Of course. Apart from, I also pick up the vital Thai cooking skills from TV programs. Thai food. I think I have already repeated myself like a parrot before? Yes I have. The repeats to the big, bold, profound Thai food tastes. Yummssss! My favorite. Obviously too, I love, love, love Thai food and when it's matter to Thai food rolled out from my kitchen? Sometimes, or maybe can be said as often, Thai recipes (Thai Mee Hoon Salad & Shrimp Pad Thai Salad) are realigned, tweeted and modified in instances I can't get hold of the Thai ingredients, or I am the lazy one for heading to the market or hypermarket. Pretty much, why my cooking tagline is - "Start with the ingredients you have at home". Unless otherwise, I am up and about for heading out for buying Thai ingredients. Furthermore, for me, since I have a little Asian herbs garden in my compound, ah! What a feeling. Plucking the herbs for  my Thai cooking. 

To the recipe now please. Happy trying and happy cooking everyone!

1 green papaya - cut according to the size you prefer. Also, lightly pound after slicing or cutting. 
5 garlic  - lightly pound 
Birds eye chillies  (as needed) - lightly pound 
4 to 5 kaffir lime leaves - slice thinly 
2 tbsps roasted peanuts - lightly pound 
Palm sugar/Gula Melaka (as needed) - pound 
2 tbsps dried shrimps/prawn - pan fry without oil, and then lightly pound 
1 tomato - lightly pound 
Fish sauce (as needed) 
Lime juice (as needed) 
Salt to taste

To make - 
Toss/mix all ingredients together. 

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