Monday, April 26, 2021

Malaysian Rasam. Quick & Easy Rasam/Instant Indian Healthy Pepper Soup

Oh-Dear-My-Nava K! My blog. Blog of mine. This blog of mine. Obviously? Been neglected. My last blog pitching? 16th April (Som Tam/Thai Green Papaya Salad). Right now, you must be asking me why I have not been updated my blog right? No worries. I'll spill the beans right now and the beans will lead to? My yoga journey. Journey which has started very promisingly and this journey has been keeping me on my toes. Apart from the pressure I have been putting on myself, in finishing up my International Yoga Instructor Course. Plus, my thesis for my Master Of Science Yoga. Yes. I have to. Clock is ticking. Time is running out, and time is running really fast. Furthermore, not to forget about my home affairs chores. The cooking, washing, cleaning, as well as I am an avid home gardener and other things that I need to balance at home. Pretty much summing up or down? Why blog has been neglected. 

Having said that, its a tap on my shoulders by myself. Of course, if people don't praise you, let's praise ourselves. The tap on my shoulders is, in other words, I am proud of myself. Proud because I'm teaching "Corporate Yoga" and come 8th May, 20201, my yoga contribution by teaching yoga in a temple for a minimal fee. The small contribution of mine. Hopefully. In the future. Near future. I will be able to contribute more to the society. By offering more yoga classes as part of my social responsibility for a minimal fee  After all. Fulfillment to the yoga soul is not about making bundles of money, but about parting the goodness, perks and benefits of yoga. 

Alright. So much for what have been keeping my really busy and today, I am back with a recipe. Malaysian Rasam. Quick & Easy Rasam/Instant Indian Healthy Pepper Soup. Another version or the other version to such a, always welcomed in my home, Indian Vegetarian Soup. Let alone. The other types of rasam I have shared before (Pepper Garlic Rasam, Garlic Tomato Rasam, Pineapple Rasam, Egg Rasam, Home Made Rasam Powder, Rasam, Tomato Rasam & Crab Rasam). Why is this version different compared to the previous (Instant Rasam)? Well. Because. I discovered another brand of Instant Rasam and this one, for me personally, is the best amongst the rest. Apart from, I have improvised on the cooking technic to making an instant rasam. The easy and quick. In fact, the easiest and quickness Instant Rasam. Rasam! The diviners. The every loved. And rasam. Forever is a tango. Tango for matching and catching alongside, you name it, all those various types of side dishes. Including the vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Ditto. To the recipe now please. Oh, before I forget. The happiest part of it all? My YouTube video for this recipe has garnered one view! Yippie-yeh-yeh! If you don't mind, can you please shower aplenty extra rasam love on this video of mine please? Thanks a million darlings. 

6 shallots - smash/bruise 
8 garlic - smash/bruise 
Dried chillies - as you wish 
Curry Leaves - as you wish 
1 tsp black mustard seeds 
Rasam powder (Raja's Brand) - as you wish 
1 large tomato - chop/slice 
Tamarind juice - as you wish 
2 tbsp oil 
Salt - as you wish

Heat oil. 
Add shallots, garlic, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. 
Stir to sweat. 
Add tomato and rasam powder. 
Stir to combine all ingredients. 
Pour water. 
Add salt and tamarind juice. 
Simmer only. Do not boil. 
Done. Cooking rasam story is over. 


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