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Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm

What else, what other beauty and skin care products tagged along with me when I returned home from my India trip (Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color)? Oh-My- Mamma-Mia!  Quite a bundle of products suffice to say. But? This Silly-Billy- Nava K? Due to her beauty excitement, she completely forgot that even beauty and skin care products have expiry date. In other words they, like all of us, have their shelf life. Expiry Date! One of those things I actually brushed aside or I didn't bother checking. Damn! The flop and failure of Nava K. How heart wrecking. Because, by the time I wanted to use some of the products within the next 3/4 year, they have lapsed. They have kicked their bucket. Still, I couldn't comprehend why these products were available for sale since this is the first ever experience of mine. Never before for a fact. Like what? Taking customers like me for a beauty joyride? Ah? By the way, for your information, it wasn’t like I was hoarding the products or I didn’t want to use. But considering that the current products I have been using for the same purpose, has not finished off, the reason why I waited before using. What else then? Well! Those products into the bin. Lesson learned? The painful money knocking my head really hard sense and sensibility?  Must, no matter what, no matter where, must check the expiry date of skin care and beauty products before buying, or before paying.   

Anyway, thank god! This Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm? Hallelujah! 3 years go to from the manufacturing date and me buying extras for giving away to my girlfriends as the kind gesture of travelling friendship. And I did. These Indian girlfriends of mine within my age group of fifties, on the other hand? They didn’t even to try. Mmm!! Their reason or reasoning? No time. Great. All the time for gossiping, for social media, for Tamil movies, for serials and for sleeping. But time for skin caring? I rest my case. What about me? Of course. Of course. I started using Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm. The concoction of Ayurveda ingredients, organic ingredients, and cruelty free philosophy. 

Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm on my lips? Glossiness and shininess without a doubt, packaged in a little, cute round container, which is so handy to be carried in my handbag, but no spatula. Who cares about the spatula right? When our clean finger or fingers will lead the way into the container for picking-up the needed amount of this, bright red in color lip balm for applying and gently spreading over our lips. Color coordinating and color enhancement of Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm on my lips? Very mild. A faint light red shade and not a total coverage for my pigmented lips. Then again? If your lips is not as badly pigmented as mine, probably and possibly, the color will be brighter for enlivening your skin tone.
Staying power? Oh-Well! Will slip out and off your lips within the next an hour or so. All the more after drinking or after a meal. Anyway, such lip balms on the whole? Due to their high moisture and hydration content? Yep. Off your lips within time actually. What about, any improvement, whitening, brightening, or lightening my pigmented lips after using constantly and continuously daily, and reapplying as and when needed? Did this smooth and somewhat sticky in texture lip balm add value on my darkest lips? Point blank said. Nothing noticeable. Having said that, the sticky texture will not interfere, interrogate or interrupt your lips. In no way or any way and I am actually loving Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Fruit Whitening Lip Balm, on the whole, for glossiness and shininess on my lips which can appear dull and lifeless, like regularly. Take care darlings, and we shall be touch in the next pitching of this “The Crazy Lover” and “My Fifty Six Life”. 


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