Monday, November 9, 2020

Sambal Style Sardine Fry

This sardine cooking story in my house? Always, forever and I am absolutely certain will go on, and on. Either every now and then, or for a fact, I reckon, every often like a rapid fire or towering inferno. What's with sardines in my house if your curiousity is killing you? In other words, why sardines are one of our food prides? Actually, you know what? I really don't have an absolute answer for you. Perhaps better be said as, because fish is sort of a favourite in my house (Western Style Pan Grilled Spicy SalmonNyonya Fish Curry & Ikan Goreng Asam Jawa), and sardines, especially, since our local catch, they are pretty, really affordable and mind you, tastiness as well. Regardless, whether the fresh ones or canned sardines (Sardine Varuval & Sardine Peratal). Sardines! Yea. There will always be the favourites to sardines like sardine curries (Nadan Fish Curry), or the Malaysian, our chilli based and chilli cooked sardine side dishes. For me personally, the craziness and madness will forever be our Malay style gravy style sardines dishes (Tempoyak Masak Lemak Sardine & Sardine Masak Cili Padi). Those spicy (Sardine Sambal), salty and tadbit of sweetness, the Malay or Malaysian revelation of mouth-popping, yippie-yeh-yeh tastiness (Nyonya Acar Fish).

Alright. To the recipe now. The sardine recipe. A different style to cooking, but aha, the Malaysian sambal style as in. Where did the recipe originate from? Of course. My brain. The brain of "My Fifty Six Life" and the brain of this "The Crazy Lover", which  by far, won't let me down, the moment I walk into my kitchen and where food is cooked with lotsa of cooking soul and love soul (Mathi Achar). Nothing complications though. No. Not at all. Its the simplified cooking technic, neither you have to scream or roll on the floor for the ingredients. No. You won't. I can vouch. I can assure too. Let's cook foodies. Cook this Sambal Style Sardine Fry (Ikan Cabe Ijo). Spiciness of course without a doubt, atop and all over these crispy on the outside and fried to the right texture on the inside sardines. 

4 sardine – clean and score on both sides 
1 ½ tbsp (or as needed) dried chili paste (blended or ground dried red chilies).  
½ tbsp. corn flour  
Lime juice - as needed 
Salt to taste 
Oil as needed 
Optional – Thai betel leaves 

Marinate with all the ingredients except the leaves and oil. 
Keep aside or place in the fridge for ½ hour. 

Heat oil. 
Fry fish on both sides. 
Place fried fish atop the betel leaves before serving. 

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