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Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream

A big or biggest no-no in the beauty department or compartment for "I am every woman" out there, is, not clearing out whatever you have applied for the day on your face before your beddy-by time. In other words, it has to be the vital "beauty terms and conditions" to a totality of, cleansing off your skin care and make-up (Lakme Matte Lip Color), before crawling, hopping, jumping or rolling on your bed. Otherwise? Sulk and complain about your dry like the drought skin, or the acnes, pimples or uneven, lifeless skin. Or worst to worst. A better idea will be? Be a jealous or envious beauty pig by bitching about women whose skin is glowing ke the stars or moon. Women who care for their skin. Aha! I hope what I have said, have or will knock tremendously beauty common sense into your one and only brain? Hopefully. Keeping my fingers crossed. 

Alright, what's next on your nude, naked skin? After you have stripped it bare at the end of the day, by removing the lock, stock and barrel of whatever you have applied on your skin? Be lazy or find all sorts of excuses to ignore your skin, but if you are aiming to look good for your age, or you badly want to look young for your age? Listen up. Open your ears big and listen to Nava K. She knows it. Listen to Nava K (Beauty Therapist, ITEC, England, Issamay School of Beauty & MLVK). Eye cream is still quintessential for night as well. And there is such a thing as night cream. Night cream! A must? As part of your daily beauty regime? Yes for god sake and for beauty sake. What's with night cream, you really want to know? I'll tell you. Even if you are not interested in finding out, or you feel you know better than me, I won't shut up. I won't because its hard to zip up my big, fat mouth. Tadaa!   

Night cream! Yes. Yes. Yes. Without a doubt. Night cream is your beauty support during the night when skin is in repair mode, when skin's metabolic rate is at its peaks and when skin cells regenerate fastest. Due to increase in blood flow. Phew! Wah! Imagine. Night cream and its beauty perks. For repairing, evoking, rejuvenating, revitalising and renewing your skin cells. The question now is? Which night cream? Hah! Choices are aplenty. Needles to say, its, pretty much your choice. What about for this "The Crazy Lover" or "My Fifty Six Life" Aha! I told you before? Our Malaysian halal products (Safi Balqis OxyWhite Mask)? Damn worthy mind you. Made from natural ingredients. Made to suit any skin type. At par or even better than all those imported products I have been blindly paying for and the best part of it all? Made In Malaysia products are truly affordable. Right now, at this juncture, we shall get to know Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream.  

Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream (RM20.00)
Night cream with the purity of Organic Black Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E to help heal the skin. Free from mineral oil, SLES,ALES, parabens and synthetic dyes. Not tested on animals. 100% animal free and natural ingredients.

To use
Apply to all parts of the face and neck. Gently massage until it is soaked and fully absorbed into the skin. 

My take 
White in color, creamy, and somewhat between a thick and thin consistency, Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream has been a smooth operator. Absorbing easily without any major battle or fighting or biting my skin, Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream didn't cause any adverse impact on my skin. It is actually an appreciated promising fit. No breakouts whatsoever on my dehydrated, sensitive skin. Smelling somewhat perfumey, like a floral scent, and for someone like me, who is anti-perfume? Right on. No qualms. I'm okay. What about the packaging? The plastic container with a pump atop and protected by a plastic cover? Not a solid one, but who cares. Come of it beauties. You want an affordable, really affordable night cream and you still feel your deserve world class packaging? FO or buzz-off. Anyway, what is so great about a status, stylish and tiptop packaging? Unless you are collecting skin care containers as your showcase pride? For me, doesn't matter. Finish with the product, container into the bin. Done.  
How has the goodness of Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream been? Did it give me the fair lady look, by brightening and lightening my, here and there, uneven skin tone? Not really. In fact, nothing I got to say. What about hydration and moisture? Basically, its a night cream for keeping my skin clear and it did harness my skin on the count of suppleness. Having said that, Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream didn't produce tremendous results in repairing, yet, it did its job in maintaining my skin. Bottom line? I am satisfied. I should be because if not all, some of the imported products I paid like, a couple of hundreds? They were equally the same. For maintaining and not for enlivening and heightening my skin to the highest, up, up and away, major beauty level.   

Good Virtues Co Brightening Night Cream. Recommended? Suggested? Well. The clue will be that, especially to all those beauties who trash and downgrade our Malaysian and Malaysian halal products as well, even without trying. Or they are simply money proudly showing-off. Instead of their skin being the reflection of the night cream they are using? Mmmm!! I rest my case. I speak no further. Ditto. See all your beauties again in the next beauty pitching of Nava Krishnan. 


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