Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum

Why and what's with this "The Crazy Lover" and her beauty drawing story to and of Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum? What else. Possibly? One of the major concerns for her "My Fifty Six Life" Indian skin? Pretty much. The one hell of a hack pigmentation and dark spots. Hellish for a fact. No. They won't leave me alone. No matter what. No matter how careful I am. Despite applying sunblock and also, ensuring that I wear a scarf whenever I can't avoid the sun. Still? Damn frustrating. But you know what? My beauty motto? Never give up. Why on earth or heaven should I anyway. No. I won't. Henceforth, Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum? Furthermore. Remember I told you before.Whenever I am in Econsave (Garnier White Speed Yoghurt Sleeping Mask)? Let alone whenever I pass by beauty stores, drugs stores and pharmacies? Unavoidable. Least to least, a skincare product will return home with me. This time. From Econsave to my dressing table? Indeed. Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum (RM9.80). 

Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum. 
Formulated with highest ever 30X vitamin C and 3 times Japanese Yuzu Lemon, as well as other ingredients, for its beauty benefits of brightening, firming, hydrating, moisturising and lightening dark spots and acne marks. Plus, the extra add-on. UV filters for defending skin against the sun. To use, on your cleansed or clean skin, apply tiny dots, substantial enough to cover your whole face, and it’s a big no to applying around your eye area and on your lips, thereafter, blend or lightly massage and quickly tap to allow serum to absorb.

Product information listed on the packaging? 
I believe this Garnier product is made specifically for the Indonesian and Malay market. Because there is nothing stated in English, except the name. Thereafore? Be satisifed with what I have mentioned if you are keen in purchasing and using Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum. Unless of course, you are a Malaysian like me who can read, write and speed Bahasa Indonesia or Bahasa Malaysia, which to a certain extent, somewhat is related or co-related to each other. Is this a natural ingredients product? Nope. 

How did Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum fare on my skin? 6/10. White in color, creamy, lightweight, weightless, and packaged in a handy plastic tube, with a flip-open cover. Recommended for normal or oily skin, somewhat and somehow also justifiable for my sensitive, dehydrated skin. For keeping my skin clear, lively and awoken. and not for whitening or brightening. Regardless of the fact that, I have to really massage it over and over, for ensuring it sinks or penetrates into my skin. Texture-wise, it is in between a thick and thin consistency and not, no, not at all like a serum. Seriously, beats me why this cream has been labelled or branded as a serum when I am absolutely, c-sure certain it is not. Trust me. Nothing close to a serum. The word serum should not even be made known on the packaging. Do you need a moisturizer atop Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum? I can't speak on behalf of your skin. For my skin? Yes. Needed. 

The question now is? Have both of us, Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum and Nava K bonded in the name of moisturing, hydrating or for the main beauty concern of mine, lightening my pigmentation and dark spots? No, we have not on these beauty counts. Nevertheless, it is not an absolute beauty failure because, like I have already said, it does keep my skin alert. I mean clear. Should there, must there be a repurchase of Garnier New Light Complete Whitespeed Whitening Serum listed on my beauty card? What do you think? Should I?


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