Thursday, October 15, 2020

Western Style Pan Grilled Spicy Salmon

Salmon! Of course. Why not? Salmon. I must admit, is a favorite in my house. Furthermore, when its a matter of mind over matter for cooking salmon, oh yes, easy cooking and cooked in a jiffy. Salmon also, on the whole is tastiness by itself and just a couple of ingredients will do the job as well (Grilled Salmon). Of course, if you want to elevate the tastes of salmon further to another higher level for other dishes? You can and you should (Burmese Biryani & Thai Fish Noodle Soup). What about how much will you pay for salmon? Definitely higher compared to our Malaysian local catch, yet, I don't mind spending the extra. Not always, but every now and then will do (Indian Spiced Salmon). Furthermore, even if its fresh salmon, the frozen ones can be a perfect fit for any dish you have on mind. Me and salmon? Certainly. Absolutely. Without a doubt (Tandoori Salmon & Lemon Butter Salmon).  

This Western Style Pan Grilled Spicy Salmon? Yes yes! The other, another, easy to cook, delicious to yum salmon dish. Where did this recipe originate from? From my brain. Aha! This brain of mine which can do wonders the moment I walk into my kitchen. Just at the spur of moment, idea popping out and me, oh well, cook and done. 

1 substantial piece of salmon
Plain Indian chilli powder (options can also be paprika or chilli flakes) - as needed
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
Salt for taste
1 tsp lime juice
A tiny bit of water
**Marinate all together. Also, use a fork to prick/poke the fish so that the marination will sip into fish. Leave in the fridge for an hour or two. 
Butter (or ghee or oil) as needed - for pan frying or pan grilling.

Heat up a flat pan or grill.
Add fish and pan fry or grill on both sides. 

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