Friday, June 5, 2020

Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant

Skin! Yes. Skin alright. Your skin. My skin. Female skin. Male skin. Also, whether the "thick skin" (ahem) or thin skin of ours. Hahaha! Skin. Skin we didn't have a choice in choosing, skin we were born with and skin, covering, every part of our body. Including? Pow! Skin down there as well. Down where? There. Mmmm!! Interesting start right? I know. Why not by the way? After all, we are adults, are we not? We are. I believe so. Unless otherwise? Some of you have not grown up yet or you prefer not growing up? I don't know. Not for me to decide anyway. You figure it out for yourselves. Whereas, I seriously think, there is no harm done if we allocate some time for speaking about our skin on our intimate area or private part. Shall we? We shall. In fact, we must speak about our skin on, around, closest, nearest to our "Wild or Mild Pussy Cat" Or "Short Or Long John" for one particular reason. The hygiene, hygienic factor factoring for keeping our private part, including our bum-bum, shinning sparkling clean. Very simple. The basic simple cleanliness formula? Soap and water for washing and wiping. Let alone? The same principal, when, as and when applicable, each and every time you sex up or down. What about products for women for keeping our "Pussy Willow" clean? I surrender because for me, its merely soap and water. Case close.

Now, the question I have for you. Do you, anyone, any of you actually apply lotion on your intimate area? Not me. Honestly. Honest to goodness. I don't. But? Of course. Millions of yeses to lotioning on, around and in between my tights, my bum-bum and my booties too, whilst at lotioning the rest of my body. Every day. Daily. Diligently. Without fail after showering, as part of my skin keeping routine, and obviously, without a doubt, not only I need a body lotion, you too (Nivea Body Lotions) Otherwise? What the hack like did I speak about skin, skin down there as well and lotioning in the first place?
Today's skin beautiful showtime, body lotion pitching of mine? Featuring Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant. Yes. Another option of a body lotion for you in tandem to those I have already introduced before (St.Ives Shea Butter Body Lotion). Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion. The house brand, home brand of Watsons and me particularly settling for blackcurrant concoction amongst the other variances in Watsons itself (Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion). Has Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant been doing a good job for my rather dry skin, my "Fifty Five Life" skin which has gone through hell of lot? To name the critical ones will be, ten years ago menopause and till this day, daily housework which has also contributed to the massive sucking of moisture and hydration from my skin? Oh-well! Point blank said, it does a favorable job in maintaining my skin, but not, as far as I have been monitoring, not for ironing or improvising my skin.
Scent of Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant? Awesome. Lovely. I so love it. So close, like a close cousin to the scent of blackcurrant yogurt smoothie. Simply said, simply irresistible. So much so, I can't help whiffing the scent each and every time I reach out to Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant. Creamy, thick in consistency. lightweight, and sinking in almost, once you start massaging into your skin, suffice to say, it will not leave behind an oily film, neither will you feel as if you have applied a sticky, gummy, gooey lotion on your body.
Value of Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant? Price value and results value. Price? I'm fine. I'm okay. I have no major qualms (around RM20.00). Results? Not a major mover, rocker shaker (Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel). Yet, I won't mind crediting Watsons Milk Yogurt Lotion Blackcurrant as a decent body lotion.

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