Monday, May 4, 2020

Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah/Safi Balqis OxyWhite Whitening Mask

Hi gorgeous people. I told you? Remember? If you can recall? The beauty truth to my truth about our Malaysian skin care products? Specifically? Aha. Our Halal products (Safi Rania Gold, Gold Essence)? You know what is great about these products? They are, trust me, believe me, beauty caring, skin caring worthy. Alright. Enough said since I have already said enough. Let's not waste, no time, no more, because since I am currently pursuing further education, time is precious for me as well. Henceforth, come, let me right now, introduce another halal skin care product to you. Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah/Safi Balqis Brightening Mask (Safi Balqis 2 in 1 Cleanser and Toner). Picked up from Watsons, priced at RM5.00. Really affordable, don't you think so? Unless, otherwise, without a doubt, there are cheaper sheet masks as well these days. For me personally, RM5.00 is fine. Even those priced much higher, these are also, within, the budget I have allocated for my skin care (Activa Double Action Mask & ID.AZ Golden Fit Mask).

Alright. Packaging. The packaging to Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah? Basic. No-frill. In fact, the usual standard packaging, like, if not all, most "user-friendly" beauty sheet masks. User friendly meaning? Tear the sachet at the edge and place on your cleansed face. If you still not sure, look at the back of the sachet for the instruction, and you will, believe me, do simply fine.
Now, what is not user-friendly to Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah? Sadly. Unfortunately. If you can't read Bahasa Malaysia? You will be a beauty loser in finding out about the key contents. In other words, the needed information before buying while at the beauty stores. But, I am certain you can read the word "Whitening" Duh! Such halal brands and their target market to the Malay market segment? If only, there can be more explanation in English on the packaging? Anyway, what about me, myself and I? The Malaysian, educated in Bahasa Malaysia till my secondary education? No issue. No qualms. I don't need Bahasa Malaysia language filtering. Having said that, to those of you parties who may be keen in Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah/Safi Balqis OxyWhite Whitening  Mask, these are the much needed product information from one of the online stores.   

Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah
Dermatologist tested
Free from alcohol
Free from oil
Free from coloring
Safe and sound
24 hours moisture

How did it go for me? Oxywhite Masker Pencerah/Safi Balqis Brightening Mask and my skin? Without a doubt, favorable. No two ways about it. Oxywhite Masker Pencerah is an appreciated beauty fit for "My Fifty Five Life" combination, sensitive, dehydrated skin. My skin sincerely loving the moisture, hydration, brightening, and not whitening, and in return, my clean and clear skin smiling, grinning and beaming at me. What about pigmentation? Pigmentation you can't, most probably avoid if you are an Indian and once your age hit higher and higher? Neh! Oxywhite Masker Pencerah didn't make much difference.
Still, Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah/Safi Balqis OxyWhite Whitening Mask is, it is definitely a beauty treat for ditching aside the accumulated, once a week dullness on your skin and also, for  providing support and sustaining the nourishing on your skin for the next, most to most 2 to 3 days. Assured. Rest assured. Safi Balqis Oxywhite Masker Pencerah can be trusted for maintaining and not so much for repairing your skin.

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