Saturday, May 23, 2020

Freeman Bare Foot Repairing Cracked Heel Treatment

My feet? I told you before right? Yes I did (Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream). My feet? They are a disaster. Major. Disaster. On-going disaster. The disastrous cracks and dry skin on my feet (DU'IT Dry Foot & Heel Roll-A-Balm)? Damn! They won't leave me alone. No. They won't. Oh well! I guess? Never mind. I've accepted them as part of my aging process. Moreover, for someone like me who can't avoid the wear and tear of the feet due to housework, also, me a fidgety person who can't sit still? Like I have worms up my ass? Aha. Then again? Even for those who don't pay attention to their feet, or conveniently fail to gasp the fact that, feet can get run down or worn out, due to dryness and pressure? Of course. The same is applicable (Dr CHECK Cracked Heel Cream). Apart from the same feet or foot theory as well, for those who suffer or struggle with feet dryness and cracks due to "Health Is Not Wealth", and for those of you who have menopause, you must be included in my "Dry Skin" Club.

Now. Listen up please. Yes. I insist. I insist you listen because its not the end of your feet world. We can do something about our feet dryness and cracks. In fact. For a fact. We should. We must. We shall. And we can. What are foot creams and crack heel creams for by the way? Of course, for  rectifying, for overcoming, for distancing and for keeping dryness and cracks at bay. Yet. I have to be bluntly honest with all of you (Rosken Skin Repair Feet & Heel Cream). Take it from someone like me who have been diligently applying foot creams. Foot creams. They are, no, they are not a cure. Foot creams by far, as far as I can vouch, can't and won't be the solidarity for ensuring that your dryness and cracks will disappear in thick or thin air. They are in fact, only a remedy and you have to apply them on an on-going process. If not daily, at least every alternate days or every few days once. The truth. The gospel foot truth and reality. Unless otherwise? You are a queen of leisure who can put up your legs (awww) and do nothing, or you have someone carrying you around.  

Freeman Bare Foot Repairing Cracked Heel Treatment. How? Has it been a major breakthrough for my feet? Not really. Not a major breakthrough. But like most foot creams I have tried, it does what it suppose to do (DU'IT Foot and Heel Balm). In other words, it smoothens my dry skin and cracks, and it is without a doubt the care for moisturising my feet. But? If you stop using because you are satisfied with the outcome, your feet will end up as a minor or major doomer again. Furthermore, like other foot creams, you should stay put for at least 20 minutes and if you really have to head to a wet bathroom, hold on to your horses. Otherwise? Your nut/nuts, whichever, may end up cracking (Ellgy Plus Cracked Heel Cream).
Having said that, in terms of the ingredients, as listed on the tube of this white in color, rather creamy and smelling quite right heel treatment? They are winners. Winners in the sense that they are worthy ingredients. Nature inspired and formula is free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and mineral oil. Plus, Freeman products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. Which basically justifies why we have to pay around RM30.00 for this heel treatment from US. The question now is? Will there be a repurchase of Freeman Bare Foot Repairing Cracked Heel Treatment for Nava K? I don't think so. I doubt. Why? Because I know for sure, for "C" sure or "P" sure, I will be able to get a better bargain in terms of pricing for such a foot cream from other brands.
Alright. Take care beauties. I should be back with another beauty pitching of mine, sooner or later.

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