Wednesday, May 6, 2020

‘Buka Puasa’ Food Donation for Pangsapuri Bestari Resident (April 16th, 2020)

As many institutions are suspending operations due to the COVID-19 virus, Pertubuhan Ikatan Murni Selangor (PIMS) continues its general food procurement and distribution. PIMS is responding to requests for assistance from resident of Pangsapuri Bestari Sek 19, Petaling Jaya. Nearly 100 western food boxes and 150 bags of chips distributed during this 2nd round.  The first round, for the same area, held on April 3rd. Two more rounds been requested by resident here, and are in process.

Food boxes by Captain Shrimp Petaling Jaya contain Cajun Chicken Pasta & Pizza Cheese Nachos and bags of chips sponsored by Mission Food Malaysia enough to feed a family of 4 and nearly 50 families benefited from this initiative. “Pertubuhan Ikatan Murni Selangor (PIMS) sees this as an opportunity to share the love of god by providing food relief,” says Mr. Karigalan Sellayah, Chairman.
“For the foreseeable future, we intend to continue to do just that, adjusting to changing events as they unfold, plus I would like to say million thanks to :
1) Mr Bryan (IBS Management Sdn Bhd)
2) Mission Food Malaysia
3) Delilah, Captain Shrimp Petaling Jaya
4) Ms. Nava K ( 
5) En. Yusof & Mr. Kenny, Mr. Lee (AJK Pangsapuri Bestari)
6) Kishen Sreedharan  
As PIMS relies heavily on volunteer help, there will continue to be a volunteer presence at all locations. We measures to sanitize and limit the number of volunteers in the kitchen. PIMS will communicate relief efforts and needs through their website and social media. For those wanting to help, donations give PIMS the ability to quickly respond in crisis situations. Contributions especially food are welcomed. Pertubuhan Ikatan Murni Selangor (PIMS) based in Petaling Jaya & its mission is to share the love of god, by alleviating hunger and malnutrition locally and throughout the country all without discrimination.

As the sun sets and the balmy evening echoes with the call of prayer, feast with friends and loved ones this Ramadhan Delivery menus from Captain Shrimp. Discover the best flavours of the South-Western infused with Cajun flair. Favorites like the classic Nachos , Tacos, crafted Pasta plus beverage available all day. Or you could opt for Ramadhan set as below:

Ramadhan Set Delivery
2 to 3pax
*Tomato Mushroom Pasta (M)
*Fried Cajun Calamari (R) *Breaded Chicken Frankfurters (R)
*Beef Nachos (R)
*Queso Sauce
*Roma Sauce
Ramadhan Combo Delivery
4 to 5pax
*Baked Mac & Cheese(M)
*Taco 'John' Beef(M)
*Fried Shrimp & Calamari (M)
*Texas BBQ Wings(M)
*Golden Chicken Nuggets (M)
*Southern Corn Custard Pudding (M)
*Roma Sauce
*Blackpepper Sauce
RM 169  
*(R) = regular, (M) = Medium
*Complimentary black cutleries and serviettes
*We highly recommend customer to order by 4pm so their food arrives In time

Pertubuhan Ikatan Murni Selangor (PIMS)

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