Thursday, April 16, 2020

GARNIER White Speed Yoghurt Sleeping Mask

Sleeping mask. A must? Is sleeping mask a must as your sleeping beauty, beauty mask? Should you, can you, must you include sleeping mask as part and parcel of your beauty regime and routine? Well. In all fairness. Its all about you. If you want to, if you strongly feel that a sleeping mask will do some beauty goodness or, a whole lot of "beauty bag" goodies, as in, in maintaining, repairing or enhancing your skin, by all means. After all, your skin, you should know better? Yet. the point to note before you purchase a beauty mask? Trust me, it won't hurt you anywhere, even your "Down There" (ahem), if you do your fair share of your homework on and about the various types of sleeping masks. Especially in wanting to know which mask will be suited or fitted for your skin type, or for your beauty needy skin.

Nava K? What about her? Knowing her? Her beauty philosophy of her beauty self and also, her beauty theory to all women out there, regardless of age? Specifically to women in her "My Fifty Five Life" and even older? Yes. You are damn, god-damn beauty right. We must put effort in caring for our skin if they want to look good or the least, presentable for our age (Activa Double Action Mask & ID.AZ Derma Mask). Otherwise? You decide. Anyway, sleeping mask and Nava K in tandem?  Yea. Tried and tested. Despite the fact that, sleeping mask for me is still at its instant, trial and error stage (Sephora Sleeping Mask). Today, yes, yes, yes, our beauty calling another sleeping mask. GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask. Mask which came back home with me from Econsave Bukit Rimau (around RM26.00) and the main purpose of me buying this mask? For my main, core and central concern. My hellish, havoc, uncontrollable pigmentation. Of course. needless to say, my sensitive, combination and dehydrated skin will appreciate moisture and hydration, another benefit, seemingly I am assuming, of GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask (Garnier Light Complete Serum Mask).
What to and how to, how do we use GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask? Very simple. Apply a layer on your clean, cleansed face. Whether you prefer a thin or thick layer? Up to you, and no, a big no, no, no, please do not for my sake, apply around your eye area and on your mouth. That's it, That's about it. You are done. Next morning? The morning after (hehehhe)? Wash. Give GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask some pampering by lightly massaging and lotsa water washing, rinsing off. Do you need to cleanse your face after washing or tissue wiping this creamy, smelling quite favorably, between the consistency of thick and thin, white in color mask? I don't cleanse, but I make sure that, every bit has been thoroughly washed and wiping my face thereafter, ensures that I have done a good job in, all of it out of my face.
What GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask and the promising beauty results it is to be holding? Well, nothing nor noticeably after the "one night stand" (ahahaha). I mean, you won't see much changes in your skin. But, if you continue glorifying or "gorilla-fying GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask for the next 3 or 4 nights continuously, or like me, who only use every alternate night? Certainly. Assured. Your skin, pretty much will glow. You will without a doubt notice how this mask has brightened, not whitened your skin and the beauty notes of GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask would have hydrated, moisturised, and I did too get some satisfaction in pigmentation lightening.
Now, what is the not nice beauty fact about GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask? Staining. The white stains on pillow covers, blanket and bed sheet, and for someone like me who, no matter how hard I try, somehow, my head and face without me realising, rolling thundering in all directions, all over the place on the bed, worst disaster. Me sweating like a 'mad cow" also, even with the air-cond on, further contributing to staining.

Now, lets talk about Garnier Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask and sexing? Sex. Whether on the bed, under the bed, on the floor, or wherever you like. Aha. The obvious beauty factoring will be? You can't run away from looking like "Hammer House of Horror", or if you the "White Ghost", will go down or up well with your sleeping partner. I guess then? I leave it up to you. Still, according to Nava K's beauty findings, GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask is favorable. No regrets. I don't regret I tried GARNIER Light Complete Yoghurt Sleeping Mask. Yet. The staining? Staining the stuffs (ahem) you sleep with? Mess. Mess I am not fond of.

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