Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Phostreet - IOI Mall (Bandar Puchong Jaya)

Every now and then. In fact. These days? The every now and then has become quite rampant regularity actually. Why? Well. This "My Fifty Five Life" which has and is still kicking me so hard on my butt and brain for indicating that? Instead of, like all these donkey, monkey and cow years, whereby I have been putting my marriage to the forefront, or even my family commitment as my main priority. No more. Enough. I now. Honestly. To tell you the truth. I have snatched my rights to my Indian woman rights to living. Not easy mind you. Then again? I don't care. I am still going to have my rights to my time, me time, by finding time for those things that promisingly pleases my inner and outer senses. In other words. Basically, Me ditching everything aside at home, especially the endless household chores, and also, my man, for my day out.

Of course. Travelling without my man is not something new. Which mind you. Didn't came easy either and these days. Like I have told you, instead of feeling sorry for myself or rotting in unhappiness, I make it a point in meeting friends who are crazy like me. On this particular day. Our time in the mall. Window shopping and what not, later, lunching. Lunch, way later than "eating on time" time. At about. Almost 3.00pm in Phostreet. Phostreet Yea. Phostreet and Vietnamese cuisine. In their quite welcoming, outwardly looking clean and open space shopping mall style ambiance.

Menu? Sure. Ample choices and if you a first timer in Phostreet? You may. Most probably, like us, be in a confused state of mind after looking through all the beautiful food pictures in the menu. Damn tempting! For rocking and shaking your hunger further, as well as your food greediness. 

Having said that, in the end, we settled for - 
Lemongrass Chicken
Not a winner. Nor a loser. A decent, wholesome complete meal without a doubt. Yet. It begged for an additional tremendous kick of the quintessential, profound Vietnamese tastes which would have,  immediately and instantly perked up our palates.
Spicy Seafood Vermicelli
Crunchiness, freshness and delightfulness, plus a revelation of, a mix bag of spiciness, sourness and tadbit of sweetness, in a bowl Vietnamese, kinda street food.
Chicken Floss On Toast
This crispy, crunchy, Vietnamese snack in all fairness, did justice and was appreciated as a starter for nibbling before we dived into the main dishes.

Hah! The best sugar rush, smooth operator moment in Phostreet. Sweet Corn Dessert, Cream Of Mung Bean and Vietnamese 3 Color Dessert? Super nice and luxurious desserts made from the core ingredients of  thick coconut milk, sugar, beans and what not as per the rest of the ingredients. Akin heaven knocking desserts.
Sweet Corn Dessert
Cream Of Mung Bean
Vietnamese 3 Color Dessert

Vietnamese Coffee
Always a sheer pleasure. Especially for coffee lovers like me who love thick, bitter sweet coffee and of course, how can coffee not be in tandem after a spicy meal. .
All in all. In all fairness, Phostreet didn't let us down and did also, to a certain extent, capped a smile on our faces. Regardless. Albeit. I have dined in other Vietnamese restaurants which were better winners for their selection of, obviously, Vietnamese cuisine.


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