Sunday, February 23, 2020

Activa Double Action Mask

I don't know about you. Really. I don't. Know, know and know. Neither? Should I, must I, can I, or would I like to assume. Assumption? You know what is assumption? Well! Assumption by the way is the major mother of "F-Up". What is "F"? Go figure while I move on to tell you that, I, yes, me alright, I care. I care about my skin. I also double care or triple care how people perceive me by looking at my skin. Of course. So true. Because? The beauty reality is that? Whether you like it or not? Whether you accept it or not? Whether you give too hoots or not? People do judge us by our appearance. Either by staring, glimpsing or sneak- peeking at our skin. Vis-a-vis whilst communicating with us, or, of course, when there is a glow glossiness on your skin, people will admire.

Our skin! Oh Yes. Yours, mine and ours. Without a doubt! Is the mirror to? Basically? Do we put, some effort, or a tiny bit of effort or the tiniest bit of effort in maintaining a clear clean skin. A clear and clean skin, mind you, is a reflection of our attitude, character and behaviour. The attitude, character and behavior to, if we are caring. Caring not only, in the sense, for the society and what not. Also, according to Nava K, the care must begin within us and definitely on, around, and within the whole concept of our beauty-notes towards our skin. Whole concept? Yea. Must be interpreted as???? The care we put, all-over, over our whole body skin pretty much. But for the time being, let us stick in tandem to skin on our face. In other words? Absolutely! We must, must and must start by paying attention to skin covering our face. Hack beauty yes.
Activa Double Action Mask. Obviously? For skin beautifying (ID.AZ Derma Dermastic Golden Fit Mask). As your weekly mask. Once a week I believe should be substantial enough. Unless otherwise. You prefer more to that. I on the other hand will not suggest. No. I won't. Because you want the action of the mask to be retained on your skin for at least a week. It will, suffice to say and at the end of week, another round of, the same mask if you want to, for facing another promising week ahead (Garnier Skin Naturals Serum Mask). Activa Double Action Mask. Where to buy? Watsons. Price? RM15.00. Action Double Action Mask. Trust me. Believe me. One of the best. In fact, the bestie for my skin. Two masks in one package, as one complete beauty-school-drop-in package.

The Black Peel-Off Mask? Black, sticky, gooey mask which can be a thing. Especially its stickiness sticking to your finger when applying and also when removing. I might as well mention that, mask will not dry up evenly. There will small or big bits of pieces still wet, no matter even if you let it sit on your face for a longer period of time than stipulated. As mentioned on the packaging. Still. Black mask will do its job precisely and utmostly for a thorough deep cleansing, detoxing, brightening and tightening your skin. Oh, before I forget. Remember? I think I have reminded you before? Masking, any kinda, must be after cleansing your face please.

Now, after removing every bit of the black mask, pat your skin dry and place the other mask on your face. The sheet, white in color, whitening mask and once you remove it, your skin? Yea. Your skin. Your skin will shine. The shine, to, brightening again and its impact locking in hydration-moisture, furthermore, for awakening your skin.

Anything else I should say? Of course. Of course. It won't hurt if you watch the attached video. For convincing you that you won't, nope, you won't regret giving a go to Activa Double Action Mask. Apart from, of course, listening to Nava K. Take care beauties. See you sooner or later.

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