Monday, January 27, 2020

Varanasi - North India (Part 2)

Varanasi! Alright. From Delhi. Flight up, up and away in the air, before safely landing us in Varanasi. Thereafter. To the hotel and lunch (Varanasi Part 1). Up next? What else? Varanasi sightseeing. Pretty much. I mean, sightseeing must begin right? Of course. Without a doubt. Where to? As per our listing on our Varanasi itinerary card? For kick starting or jump starting our tour? Shri Viswanath Mandir. Aka, Viswanath Temple, New Viswanath Temple or Birla Temple. Temple located in Banaras Hindu University. Dedicated to Lord Shiva. Known for its tallest temple tower in the world and when holiness is a righteous or rigorous matter in Varanasi or even holiness "Holy Art Thou" in other parts in South India (Chennai & Bangalore) as well? Oh-sure. For us Hindus? Prayers and praying. Or apart from seeking god's blessings, we fulfilling our vows we have prior prioritised. What about Nava K? Good question? Remember? I think I have told you before? Me nor not definitely the most holiness Hindu grain. Yet. Sincerely. Honestly. Needles to say. I am a strong and firm believer of god, in god and towards god. Whichever god. Any god. Any god from any religion or ethnicity for the matter. But. Definitely. I will forever remain as the number one Indian Hindu holiness.

Now. In Shri Viswanath Mandir Temple. Aside to the rest in my tour who were praying as if the end of the world is coming, me? Me in Shri Viswanath Mandir which mind you, was packed back to back with, locals and tourists? Of course I put my praying duties to the forefront. To the forefront of my Hindu religionism and when holy blessings is a concern in Shri Viswanath Mandir? Mmmm! The same holy theory as in most temples in India. The money making theory in the name of god. Yes. Paying for blessings. Anyway. For me personally. Didn't really matter. Because, I. I like to believe, or I must believe that our money paying is the survival kit for the temple, for the priests and whoever who not who is carrying out their duties in the temple. Seemingly and notably however, the money making holiness is at the hands of the priests.

Having said that. Unlike in temples in South India. Whereby holy ash is the symbolic meaningfulness to praying? In Shri Viswanath Mandir temple? No holy ash. Which actually made me feel as though I didn't complete my circle or cycle of praying. Then again? Ditto.

What about in Shri Durga Temple? Aka, Durga Temple, Durga Mandir and Durga Kund Mandir we visited subsequently? No holy ash either. Shri Durga Temple. One of the most famous holy temples in this holy city of Varanasi and Durga Temple through Nava K's eye lenses and handphone camera lense? Wowwww! Superbly meaningful and truly admirable. Superbly meaningful for me personally because Goddess Durga, the goddess of supreme being and creator of the universe is my idol. I mainly look up and admire her for her bravery. Trust me. I need and want to be like her for facing the daily massive challenges in my life. Durga temple is also truly admirable because of its majestic, prominent, outstanding and striking in red interior and exterior. Fantastic. The superiority of Goddess Durga and her temple? Believe me. Deeply and sincerely. Touching my outer and inner senses. 

Time out from Shri Durga Temple and as we were walking towards our coach, we manage to squeeze and sneak in timing for window shopping. At the road side stalls lined on both sides of the lane or road we passed by. Did I pick up anything? I did. Nothing really major. Just a few packets of  "bindi/pottu"for my forehead and which of course you can buy in Malaysia as well for, more or less, the same price.
Furthermore, between the time, I also I tucked into Panni Puri, washed down with Chai/Tea at one of the shabby street stalls. Yes I did. At the big staring like bulls eyes of my travel buddies. They mind you. They were giving me the disgusting look whilst I was happily eating at the stall across where our coach was parked. Huh! Like what? What? Eating at the street stalls is not up to par standard for these Malaysian Indians? Oh please! Come of it. As if our Malaysian street stalls are all that clean and as if we don't get the runs from eating at our street stalls or coffee shops in Malaysia? Then again. When we feel we are standard mud guards Malaysian Indian? You tell me. 

To be continued.

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