Saturday, January 18, 2020

Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal)

Salted fish in sambal. OMG! Both of them. Salted fish and sambal in one, or in tandem or both akin synchronised together. Believe me. both of them, also, like match made in heaven, or the perfect combination in hell. Pretty much. Needless to say. Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal). The power house mouth packing, mouth watering, spicy salty Indonesian (Terong Balado & Ikan Goreng Bumbu Sambal) or Malaysian side dish. I am, yes, me, myself and I alright, mind you, let me admit. Yes, yes, yes, all the yesses in the food world, I am the number one sambal queen (Sambal Goreng Udang Pete & Sambal Tumis Telur). Any kinda sambal (Nyonya Okra Sambal) for your information. Strange though. I can't help but wonder. What went wrong where. By right, I should be hailing, clapping, praising and jumping high up for Indian food (South Indian Fish Curry & Mushroom Sour Curry). Me the born and bred Indian who should, by right, be loving Indian food. Indian food. On the other hand. Aha! The food love of the man I have been married to for donkey years. Logically then, mostly, in fact, all the time, its Indian food on my home ground. For the sake of my marriage love, or maybe best said as marriage responsibility or commitment, or, like I am forced to believe as well, cooking with love for marriage housekeeping. Otherwise? I beg to differ. What the consequences will be. Maybe. Just saying. My marriage may have rocked, shattered and fallen apart.

Having said that, the truth is as well. I have nothing against, neither am I anti Indian food. Furthermore, overall, I am not a fussy eater. Anything goes. Yet, every now and then. I insist. I insist because this age thing of mine. "My Fifty Five Life", which has tremendously knocked sense into me. I mean, it can't be all the time about food pleasing my man. Therefore, whether he likes it or not, whether he is agreeable or not, whether he will still love me or not. I dare put sambal (Sambal Sotong, Sambal Goreng Teri, Sambal Belimbing Ikan Bilis & Sardine Sambal) to the forefront and he better go along with it. After all. After these years. If he can't accommodate? When I have been the one who have been, from day one, doing the cooking and no help, not even lifting any of his fingers help. Sambal Ikan Asin Kurau (Salted Fish Sambal) on this particular day (Salted Fish Bone Curry & Pineapple Salted Fish Curry). Alright, okay, for his sake. For the sake of his Indian deep penetrating deep into the ground roots, this profound rocking sambal. Alongside, rasam (Instant Rasam), some days it can be paired with sambar (Drumstick Sambar) and a soggy, gravy floating veggie (Eggplant Tikka Masala & Vegetable Raita).
1 packet threadfin/ikan kurau salted fish - soak and slice
5 shallots - slice
5 garlic - slice
Blended/grounded dried chilli paste - as needed
Tamarind juice - as needed
Palm sugar - as needed

Heat enough oil.
Fry salted fish and remove.
Reduce the oil and add shallots and garlic.
Stir to soften.
Add chilli paste and cook till oil floats.
Now, pour tamarind juice and needed, pour some water for more gravy.
Add sugar and salt.
Add fried salted fish and stir.
Dish out.

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