Thursday, December 19, 2019

Yu Noodle Cuisine (Jalan Sungai Burung, Bukit Rimau) Shah Alam

Yu Noodle Cuisine. Who? Yu. Yu Noodle. Yu in Sungai Burung. Their 11th outlet. Wowwwww! What an achievement! Yu Noodle and their achievement in the Chinese noodle segment which I believe we should and must applaud. Furthermore, we should also make it a point in finding out what is their critical success food factor by dining in their outlet. Don't you think so? Of course if you are asking me. And so. Pretty much. Obviously. I did it. Alright. How? How and how not. What and what not in Yu Noodle Cuisine for our early lunch? At about, let's say, 11.30am. We walking in, and by then, half of tables already taken up, plus, more customers streaming in once we were seated. All of them. All. Chinese. Except the two of us. The only two dark skin Chinese. Hehehe!

Food offering in Yu Noodle? As per their menu. Once we were done with flipping their menu in this outwardly clean, clear, bright looking and some Chinese deco decorated dining area, our food bell ran loudest. To indicate that its, another, close call to food replicated and replication of Go Noodle. Basically, in marketing terms, perhaps, best said as cloning. Cloning someone else's food creativity and invention. More or less. Similar.

Choices of items? Quite a fair deal of ample choices and, oh, between the types of noodles as well. We? What did we settle for? Bursting Pork Ball Mee Xian Soup Noodle, Tom Yum Garoupa Mee Hoon Soup, Fried Salmon Skin and drinks, Chinese Tea and Honey Red Dates Tea Ice. Did the big pork balls, stuffed with minced pork for Bursting Pork Ball Mee Xian Soup Noodle burst in my mouth? They sure did and it was wonderful tasty burst too. Likewise, broth or soup was a delight as well. As for the rest of the ingredients, veggies and noodles, what much is there to say? Nothing much I can say or I want to say.
What about Tom Yum Garoupa Mee Hoon Soup? My lunch companion. She wasn't really impressed though. Yet, she didn't somewhat mind. Mee Hoon, garoupa fish pieces, leafy green veggie and a splatter of spring in a not so spicy, sour broth. Though, it was not like out of this world tastiness.
What really won us over? Yea. The utterly crunchy, crispy fried salmon skin. Yum. The crunchiness we so loved even without dipping into the, paired alongside a sweet and not so spicy chilli sauce.
Of course, nothing would have come close to their signature chilli dip you will see already on your table. Wah! Truly spicy for punch waking up your mouth, throat, tongue and tummy. This chilli dip. Trust me, like the magic food wand for whatever items you order in Yu Noodle. I figured out that chilli dip is the winning formula of Yu Noodle.

Chinese Tea and Red Dates Tea Ice. Chinese tea is Chinese tea as in elsewhere. I mean, how different can Chinese tea be. Whereas red dates tea ice made my palates happy. A different kind of sweetness.  
Having said that, the two types of noodles we tucked into. Huge serving, served in big bowls. What a waste. Sheer waste for small eaters like us. We struggled. We couldn't finish up. As much as we tried. As much we didn't want to waste. Still wasted and, mind you, not cheap. Will there be another round of me in Yu Noodle Cuisine again? I doubt. I don't think so. I don't think I will be one of their future customers in this outlet or any other existing ones of theirs or even if they open new outlets. Period. Most probably, you will see me in any of the Chinese coffee shops should my desire for a bowl of Chinese noodles is lashing, raving, raging or racing, Coffee shop noodles. They are definitely cheaper and believe me, can be closely trended or equally as tasty or great as those in Yu Noodle Cuisine.     

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