Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush

My Baby Lips. Oh my baby lips. No. No. Not baby anymore. In fact. For a damn fact. My big lips. Absolutely! They have come a long way. A long way alongside "My Fifty Five Life" and they, sad to say, sadly, are not buttery, sugary, "Miss Pinky" no more. Why? Because? Lemme slyly and conveniently blame it on my coffee drinking culture and me, before reaching the "Big 5" my age, I couldn't care less, neither I cared least about my lips. In other words. I didn't shower my lips any tender, loving care. Remember? I told you before? (Metholatum Lip Crayon LipBalm, Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm, Metholatum Lip Ice Sheer Color Shimmer & Sephora Rouge Lip Tint)? As far as I know, I surely did. Unless otherwise. Memory failure of mine. Not intentionally though.

Of course now. Its a different beauty lips story of mine. Me badly trying to repair my badly pigmented lips and trying my utmost best in beauty lips caring and keeping. Lip balms. I think so. Most probably. They can sort of, they can show the way and Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush. The latest try of mine. Wah! What a spot on purchase. Super duper nice! Bottom line. I so, so love Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush. The shade. The color. Especially. Berry Crush.  As if, akin, like, hand in glove, like nut and bolt fitting on my lips. Though, I have to shade it, over, over and over again a few times for hiding my pigmentation and also, for producing tremendous, appreciated vibrancy, shine and glossiness.
Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush. Dermatologist tested, allergy tested, Vitamin E and Coconut Oil being the main core two ingredients. Furthermore, SPF20 embedded for protecting your lips from, of course, obviously, from outdoor and most probably, indoor lights too. Packaging? Twist up applicator and packaged in a basic, simple, no-frill plastic casing. 
Having said that, like any, like most lip balms, its stronghold staying on your lips power? Can't expect much. Eat and drink, or or even if you don't, after 2 hours the least, they would have left you faithfully. Henceforth, if you want it back on your lips? Reapply. Anything else. Is there anything else I would like to add about Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush? Nothing much. Nothing nor. Nothing bad too. Its all, trust me, all worthy. Worth praising. Not only really affordable, but also, Maybelline Baby Lips Berry Crush putting color, shade, moisture and twinkle twinkle little or big star on your lips.    


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