Sunday, December 29, 2019

ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask

The burn-baby-burn, burning, beauty desire of mine. Duh! So intense, so profound and so overwhelming. For? All for a gold mask. Yes. The beauty desire that actually walked my legs to various drug stores, beauty stores, shopping malls, pharmacies and even checking online. Damn! Nothing nor got me anywhere. In fact. It took me round, round, and round in circles. Akin merry go around the mulberry bush or coconut trees or curry leaf trees. No. Wasn't a fruitful beauty mission at all. Either, gold mask not available or they are too pricey for my budget. Those available online? Neh! Didn't neither captivate nor convince my attention for one particular reason. Price. Pricey price. Especially those quality or those qualified for my beauty desire. In the end. Finally. Having no other choice. I settled for ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask during one of beauty trips to Watsons. Not cheap too. Almost close to RM19.00. In fact. For a fact. The most expensive sheet mask purchase of mine. Then again. When your  beauty desire for a gold mask has skyrocketed till it has pierced the sky, moon or sun? Well. I guess? Yep. Nava K paid for this made in Korea and imported into Malaysia mask. Even so, I couldn't comprehend what's with the pricing. Because I have bought other Korean masks before which definitely were very much cheaper. Within like, between RM5.00 to RM10.00.

ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask
Product Description
Most popular treatment of ID dermatology! Luxurious nutrition mask that is as effective as popular treatment of dermatology 

Product Feature
• It is based on high level of esthetic know-how which can be conveniently used at home. 
• Gold purifies and brightens skin, and honey, royal jelly, propolise turn your skin elastic and healthy
• Sticky  hydrogel  sticks closely to skin and  lifts sagging skin powerfully

Product Usage
• For those who want to feel like having luxurious expensive skin care at the center
• For those who need special skin care for a special day.
• For those who need  nutrition for dry and rough skin

Product Ingredient
Gold, honey, royal jelly, propolis, red ginseng, collagen, ceramide, aloe, panthenol
Honestly. To tell you the truth. ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask didn't win my beauty over. Not even a tiny bit. Mind you, I still can't get over how this two piece, one piece for the upper part of the face and the other for the lower part of the face mask has disappointed me. Mask removed from the sachet after tearing the edge, thereafter fitted and allowed to sit on my face for twenty minutes. Smell. Smell of mask. Beauty killing. Yucks! Not at all pleasant to my senses until I am having a hard time describing it. Nevermind. Nevermind I told myself. Nevermind if I can't digest the smell because what I was looking forward to from this gold in color mask had to be the results. The beauty skin results of course. Regardless, boy-ob-boy. Sadly. Unfortunately. A letdown.
Except for somewhat, a tiny bit of skin brightening and moisture-hydrating boosting, nothing doing to lifting, nothing doing to skin elasticity, and nothing as well to the beauty perks as mentioned for my "My Fifty Five Life" beauty skin caring. Having said that, the choice is yours. If you are still keen in trying ID.AZ Derma Dermastic GOLDEN-FIT Mask, please. Go ahead. I however, will not get anywhere close to suggesting or recommending.   

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