Friday, December 27, 2019

Ginger Thai Restaurant - Central Market (Kuala Lumpur)

And. And. And. After all these years. The many years behind me. Me tripping to Central Market. Central Market. Back then. Used to be a wet market. The real deal smelly wet market. Mum and myself, from Brickfields, heading to Central Market during the 70's and early 80's era for our weekly marketing. Of course. Today. Central Market is no longer what it used to be. Today. Central Market is one of the major attractions in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city and it is where you will see the pride and proud stuffs of Malaysia. Our Made In Malaysia handicrafts, plus, what not Malaysian made, also, of course, Malaysians favorite pastime, eating and eateries definitely must be included.

My Central Market journey on this particular Saturday? Quite a journey mind you. From Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, grab ride to Alam Megah LRT station, before hopping into train and prior to getting down at Pasar Seni/Central Market station. Next? Yea. Walking the walk. Which landed my bestie and myself into Central Market within 10 minutes after crossing the busy street. Central Market. For the two of us. The two typical authentic Malaysians? We awed. We admired. And we fell in love, over and over again for Central Market. To say it in our Malaysian layman's or laywoman's Malaysian terms, conditions and context? To love Central Market, is to love Malaysia.

Having said that, even before, before checking out all the stuffs in Central Market, we got down to the main, major and core Malaysian mission. Aha! Eat or eating! Basically, due to hunger which has insanely and intensely taken us over. Yes please. Hunger food hunting. Our late lunch at about 2.30pm. The force, obviously, behind we taking our seats in Ginger Thai Restaurant. Thai food! Yep. Thai food in this rustic, rather big and spacious dining area and, their menu featuring a string of food choices. 

Our food calling? Pucuk Paku/Vegetable Fern Thai Style, Mushroom Omelette, Homemade Seafood Red Tom Yam, Steamed Rice, Durian Sticky Rice and Crackers. Crackers, teamed alongside Thai Sambal Belacan, by the way which we didn't order, but served as entree and billed for. Crackers. Honestly, we didn't mind. Crackers by itself, not much I can speak about, but when dipped into the the spicy sambal before mouth motoring crunching? Walla! The heart-beat to the tremendous revelation of spiciness. Until. Until. Aha! Since when I am a shy person? The no shy, not shy me always alright, asking for a top-up or more-up of sambal.

Officially, our food dining experience opening up with, within a wait of 5 minutes? Pucuk paku. Ohlalala! The winning body, mind and soul delicious winning formula. Crunchy vegetable fern bolstered by that bit of mild subtle, yet loud Thai profound aroma and tastes.
Next dish? Seafood red tom yam. I, I honestly. My taste-buds sounding to me that. this Thai soup, after slurping in, somewhat, not showcasing the big, bold, Thai quintessential tastes I am truly fond of. In other words. Pretty much. Didn't like, instantly punch perk up my palates. My bestie on the other hand. She. She somehow gave the, or her thumbs up. Mmmm! To each our own I suppose?
What about mushroom omelette? Tucked into alongside steamed rice as well? Lovely. The simplicity to a simply appetizing dish. Eggs fried up with, sliced button mushrooms.
For ending our meal? Of course, it must be dessert right? Sure. The dessert? Durian Sticky Rice. Oh-My-Goodness-My-Mamma-Mia. The grandeur of durian flesh, coconut milk and sugar in tandem, luxuriously and generously wetting the soft grainy glutinous rice. Wah! The fabulous sinful, sugar rush, creamy guilty pleasure.
Conclusively. All in all. We paying RM88.75 (inclusive of warm water and ice water) and we agreeing, mutually agreeing, no two ways about it, neither did we dispute that Ginger Thai Restaurant was an ultimate our hunger satisfying ultimateness.

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