Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sri Ganapathi Mess (Seksyen 1, Petaling Jaya)

The mess! I love the mess. The hand messing to a banana leaf meal. Trust me, nothing is more profound when you mess your hands into a, the or your banana, ooops, no, should be, your banana leaf meal. Simply said, banana leaf meal and hands. They jive, they dance and they are in tandem for a delightful wholesome banana leaf meal. Of course, you have a choice to using fork and spoon, but, for an Indian like me. My hands must lead the way, my hands must show the way. Having said that, lets not forget one thing. Mannerism. Whether its a banana leaf meal or not, and I for once, can't stand those who make hell of a noise when eating, plus, have you noticed the ugly eaters? Damn. What an ugly sight. Especially for a banana leaf meal. Can't understand. I just can't understand how food can spill out of the banana leaf and leaving the bones and what not on the table after eating. So gross right? I know.

The other I must mention. About the word mess. When the word mess is included in the name of an Indian eatery. Me interpreting the mess as - an unassuming basic eatery, and where I can expect home style cooking to home style dishes. Sri Ganapathi Mess. Indeed. As I have already said. In other words, a simplified dining area and indeed, home style typical traditional Indian dishes.

We walking in, the three of us, into Sri Ganapathi Mess at about, before the clock has struck twelve noon and. Oh-mamma-mia. What a scene. The scene to busyness of customers eating and the  busyness of the staff to serving. The "Amma", the elderly lady, I'm assuming, I may be wrong, I think the owner, who was at the outside dining area. She, my-my, she smiled, she greeted and she gestured  Nava K, the modern trendy "My Fifty Five Life" Indian lady to the inside dining area. Oh-lalaalala! The Indian sentiment in me. So touched deepest down, until, my Indian sentiment ran as high and round and round the tree, like in Tamil movies.

What can you expect for your banana leaf lunch in Sri Ganapathi Mess? Anything special? Anything outstanding? Not really. Those fried stuffs, those curries, those side dishes, rasam and papadam. As in other Indian eateries which trend similar banana leaf eating concept.

What did we tucked into? The extra dishes we called for, besides the standard side dishes, curries and rice you get for a banana leaf meal?

We ordered like Indian pigs by going over the board. We ordered Fried Black Pompret, we ordered Fried Prawns, atop and surrounded by crispy fried onion, we ordered Mutton Curry, we ordered Goat Intestine Curry, and we ordered Fried Cauliflower. Way too much until I had to pack back the fried fish and goat intestine curry.

Were we overwhelmed by the tastiness of the dishes at the end of our meal? Mmmmmm!!! Without a doubt, a decent, satisfying and appreciated meal. However. Honestly. Nothing out of the blues. Nothing really outstanding until I am like, do or die, dying for returning to Sri Ganapathi Mess again. Price-wise. How much did we pay? Around RM85.00. What about service? In all fairness, rated as effective and efficient.  Parking? Well, tell me. Where is parking a great deal these days. Furthermore, when an eatery like Sri Ganapathi Mess is located within a housing area. Do your blind parking and you would have done fine.


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