Monday, October 28, 2019

Bitter Gourd Omelette

Says it all I suppose.  Bitter Gourd. Either, you love bitter gourd or you don't. Of course, there's no two ways about it. However, trust me, believe me, when age comes popping in front of us or we decide to put put age behind us, we will somehow embrace bitter gourd. We will. And why it is so? Well, for a fact, we have digested the fact that, anything bitter is the healthy, bullet truth to health is wealth (Pachai Sundakkai Kulambu/Fresh Turkey Berry Curry). After all. The biggest fear as we grow older. I don't know about you, for me personally, nothing is more important than keeping my health so, so, so close to my body, mind and soul. Bitter gourd. As you know or don't, already classified as the health is wealth unique vegetable-fruit, and bitter gourd, you must believe me, can be converted to various types of dishes. Whether you prefer all the bitterness, as bitter as bitter gourd can be, or you prefer to remove some of the bitterness by soaking sliced bitter gourd in salt water prior to cooking.

What about me? I just go ahead. Bitter gourd is cooked as it is. Remove the seeds and sliced before cooking. Today ladies and gentlemen, as I have already given you the indication, its Bitter Gourd Omelette. Which by the far, yes, is a popularity in Chinese eateries (Cincalok Omelette & Egg Foo Young). On the other hand, if we referring to bitter gourd for Indian cooking, bitter gourd is generally crispy fried as chips (Bitter Gourd Chips).

Otherwise, bitter gourd stir fried or added into curries (Pavakkai/Bitter Gourd Puli Curry, Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry & Bitter Gourd Sambar/Dal Curry). Alright. How do we make this Bitter Gourd Omelette? Easy preasy. This recipe of mine and you will do fine. Of course, you also have a choice to my YouTube Bitter Gourd Omelette making, Furthermore, I must stress that this Bitter Gourd Omelette dish of mine, absolutely, will be an appetizing delightful food pride on your palates. Happy cooking everyone.

2 Indian bitter gourd/or one Chinese bitter gourd - remove seeds and slice as thin as possible
3 eggs
Some smashed garlic
White pepper (as needed)
4 tbsp oil
Salt (as needed)

Heat oil.
Add bitter gourd and garlic.
Cook to soften on slow fire.
Pour in beaten eggs.
Spread to cover bitter gourd and garlic.
Add salt and white pepper.
Cook on both sides and remove.

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