Sunday, October 20, 2019

Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel

My skin. Oh hell hack! This dry skin of mine beauty story. Period. I don't think I want to cough out over and over again. Enough said supposedly (Watsons FootEase Cracked Heel Cream) and dry skin pretty much all over my body (Nivea Body Lotions). Now, what not, tell me, the  various types of body lotions I have not tried (St.Ives Body Lotion). Throughout the many years and of course within my affordable budget. Especially mainly once I stop dripping blood once a month down there. All in the good faith of, if not permanently or totally ditching my dry skin aside, at least for some improvement. Then again, coupled by, if you are not a lady of leisure like me. Water touching home affairs chores which can dehydrate and strip our natural oils. Let alone no air-con we can't sleep and hot baths or showers, also stealing away our moisture.

Having said that, we shouldn't give up. We shouldn't right? Of course not. We shouldn't. Precisely why I bought Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel. How did I find out about Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel? Online and their tv ads also catching my attention, and me heading to Watsons for this light pink in color, somewhat smooth in consistency and quite an oily kinda gel, packaged in a basic white container. Product information and how to use? Listed on the container. Not only in English, but to cater for the Malay beauties, in Bahasa Malaysia, our local language as well. What about ingredients? Well, not listed and for a matter of convenient fact, I have, yes, I have done the homework for you.
Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel
Replenishes the skin’s barrier and deeply moisturises.
The unique gel-to-oil texture absorbs easily and creates a protective film to resist moisture loss and restore dry skin to its optimal hydrated state.
Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is non-comedogenic (doesn’t block pores) and gentle enough to be used on sensitive skin. Not suitable for children under the age of 3.

Skincare made smarter
With just 3% water, this highly potent formulation blends emollients such as shea butter and humectants like glycerine and urea, along with skin soothing ingredients such as vitamin B3 for an exceptional moisturising result. 
Glycerine – boost hydration
Shea Butter – nourishes and moisturizes
Niacinamide B3 – helps protects skins moisture barrier
Urea – smoothes and softens
Chamomile – soothes and calms
My take? To tell you the truth. Honest to goodness. I love it. I sincerely do because Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel, has been working favorably on my skin. My skin. Within a week, literally bouncing back. Not as dry as it used to be and slowly and surely, my skin progressing well. Each time and every time I apply once a day at the end of the day. How much should you apply? Like how you apply an oilment. That bit and since no spatula is provided, use your finger/fingers to scoop Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel, thereafter, apply and massage thoroughly in small circular motions for full absorption and yes, I read online that you can also use on your face as well. Did I? On my face? Nope. Why? I won't risk my face for this kinda gel, furthermore, my face was not the main reason why I bought. Despite how much it has been vouched that Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel can be hailed for the face, no, I am not convinced for my sensitive combination skin.

Absorbing easily and effortlessly, Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel however does leave a layer of oily film on my body and it will take a while before you don't notice no more. Kinda sticky initially, regardless will not stick to your clothes. Still, I wouldn't use during the day. Especially if I am going out and tell me about me sweating for no apparent reason and me being concern if this sweating matter will clash with Bio Oil Dry Gel. Yet, I can vouch that Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel is value for money (100 ml RM35.00) for suppressing your dry skin. The first one I bought lasted for almost 5 months and I am now into the second container.  If you searching high and low for a body product for your dry skin, why not to Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel.

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